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Valentine’s Day messages for my love

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Valentine’s Day messages for my love

Valentine’s Day, as commercial an operation as it has become, still remains a day for Love, so why not start with a little morning text message… 🙂 Here is 10 Valentine’s Day messages for my love !

Valentine’s Day messages for my love :

Do you know why Cupid stays young? To show that love never gets old. Our couple proves just that : I love you a little bit more every day. Happy Valentine’s Day my Love!

The love I feel for you is unconditional, I didn’t think I could have such an emotion one day… Than you for being in my life. Happy Valentine’s Day Love of my life.

Sweetheart, thanks to you I have at last found something that makes my heart beat faster than a sprint, that makes me want to overcome every obstacle, every imposed limit. Something that is so deeply “me”  that I would rather die than having to live without it. I have found this little “thing”, this heart tickling twig, this rare gem that brings me happiness : You. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Happy Valentine’s Day my Angel. Tonight I play Cupid, I’m aiming my arrow at you heart like our first day together all over again. Can’t wait!

Happy Valentine’s Day my little sweetheart, we’ve been together for two years already… Time flies with you! I wish this novel we’ve started writing together never ends, that the pages keep turning endlessly and that our ink will never run out and keep pouring over the most beautiful chapters of our love. I love you.

February is a lovely month. Despite the blood freezing cold, you’re always there to warm up my heart. Happy Valentine’s Day sweetheart!

I’m not very “Valentine’s Day”, I don’t care about flowers or chocolates. All I desire is to be near you, in your arms, that our love evolves each day and that our happiness lasts eternally… And not just on February 14th 🙂 But I love you so much I can’t help wishing you… a happy Valentine’s Day Love Bug 🙂

I know I haven’t quite made a habit of expressing my feelings, but on this special lover’s day I can only but wish you a beautiful Valentine’s Day and thank you for being in my life and making me happy. I love you.

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You are truly the love of my life, I am certain of it. I’m under the impression of having been braught into this world for you… And that is invaluable. You have taught me what the verb “to love” means, you have made me feel “happiness” and made me believe in the “future”. Thank you for everything my Love and happy Valentine’s Day!

With you, Valentine’s Day is every day. That’s maybe a cliché sentence but I really believe it. But… A surprise waits non the less at home for you tonight 🙂 I love you, see you then!

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