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Sweetest I love you messages for her

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Sweetest I love you messages for her

Here is 15 examples of sweetest I love you messages for her

How to write the sweetest “I love you” messages for her

Sexting is good to spice up an already solid couple or to turn on that partner with whom you just have fun on Saturday afternoons between 3 and 5pm. But let’s not forget the daily, simple and tender text messages that illuminate the day of the person who has the pleasure of receiving them.

#Darehumour :

“When you’re not here, I’m like a peanut butter jar without a lid, I’m drying up!” (second degree humor of course!)

“I hate you. I never loved you. I wish I had never lived with you. Didn’t you know it was opposite day? I did :p “

“A bed without you is like pasta without parmesan (because for me (very personally) pasta without parmesan is not possible!)

“Hey mister, your daddy is a thief, he toke all the stars to put them, well, I don’t know where but in any case you have eyes that sparkle, you wouldn’t be in love, would you? I love you, anyway. 😀” (Thug life)


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#Enjoythesimplethings :

“Damn, I didn’t tell you…” “What?” “I love you🙂

“Did you see the news today?” “No, what is it?” “It seems that there’s someone who loves you very much!”

“I wish you were near me to hug me with your big manly arms”

“I love you this much (you don’t see it, but my hands are wide apart!!)”

“I was thinking about you, and I just wanted to tell you that I love you.”

#Smallsurprises :

“Look under the pillow, I think there’s a spider” (where there will be a nice letter instead)-Send a photo of you with a private joke only the both of you understand.==> JOKE 😀

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The most beautiful statement made about me : “You are beautiful, but there are pretty girls everywhere. It’s your charisma and your presence that set you apart from them. You are complete.”

The worst : “I have never seen a nose as straight as yours.” So? (Both statements coming from the same person HAHA)

The best surprise I planned (yeah yeah, you can say it, I’m awesone!)

At the time, my boyfriend and I didn’t live together yet, it was the beginning, honeymoon phase and all that, we tried to see a maximum of each other. He lived in Washington and I a few miles from the capital. One day, (hungover, let’s say it as it is), I decided to surprise him and to go see him. At 1pm, I was on the train. At 1pm he sent me a text “you don’t wanna come today? I want to see you”. My answer : “I’m really sorry, I have a family dinner tonight, I really can’t, we’ll see each other during the week!”. I was relieved to see that he too wanted to see me and that my surprise wouldn’t be a flop. We exchanged a few messages and then he said : “can’t you take your private jet?” (little joke), I answered “it’s in the shop”. A few minutes later, as I was arriving in front of his place, I sent him :

–          “My rocket had a full tank though, so I’m up front, open the door”

–          “If only…”

–          “I’m not kidding, my rocket has landed, I’m cold, open up”

–          “Hu? If you’re there, ring…”

Just then, I rang the doorbell and honestly it was a beautifully successful surprise. Simple, a little dumb maybe, but love is always a bit corny after all!

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