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20 Cute text messages for her

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20 Cute text messages for her

How wonderful it is receiving cute text messages, so to your phones everyone, and brighten up her day! Here is 20 cute texts messages for her !

Cute text messages for her

If I could give you the moon I would, just to prove to you how much I love you. But since I can’t, I bought you a big jar of peanut butter to make you happy 😀

If you love me as much as I love you, caution! Both our hearts might blow up in unison some day!

My little darling, your are my oxygen tank, without you I cannot live. I need you every moment of my life.

Long have I believed that love was but a shadow and a thought… However ever since I am with you I’m really living some crazy stuff, things so strong they ripple through my stomach. Somethimes so incredible I can’t wipe that silly grin of my face whenever I am at your side. I’m the happiest man in the world when with you!

You know when you’re not around, every movie, every song, every smell, every laugh reminds me of you. It gets on my nerves because I sometimes want to have quiet moments without you but you are always there in a way 🙂 But in the end it’s not bad feeling your presence in your absence.

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I’m crap at French but I can say “je t’aime”, I’m crap at maths but I know how much you count for me, I’m crap at biology but I know you fill up my heart.

I wish I were with you all the time, everywhere, you are my angel, I would follow you anywhere. I miss your smell, your silky hair, your dazzling smile… Aaahh you have bewitched me!

You have changed me, totally transformed me. I used to have trouble expressing my feelings and now I can’t repeat enough how much I love you. The others must be sick of listening to me talk about you all day. But what can I do? You are in every one of my thoughts!

I wish I were the cheeks of those you say hello to in the morning to feel your soft lips!

Honey, a day without you is like peanut butter without jelly, pasta without salt, a tree without leaves, a movie without pictures… Long, sad and boring!

I’m bored without you my little kitten…

Yesterday I was telling you how annoying you were jumping up and down like a kid. Actually, I think that is also what I like about you, that childish side responsible for the fact that I’m never bored with you 🙂 Keep on jumping up and down!

Given my addiction to ice cream, if I told you I loved you more than all the Häagen-Dazs in the world, I hope you would understand how much that would be! 😀

You’re my little ball of love and I miss you so much!

Earlier I saw a girl in the street and I thought from the back that it was you and so my heart started pounding… And then she turned around! So disappointing… 🙁

You are the carrot stick I like to nibble on all day. This text is pointless except for the fact that it proves that I’m thinking about you 😀

How did I manage all those years without the woman of my life by my side?

Ever since I’m with you, I’m happy to get up in the morning because I imagine the moment I’m going to get home to pamper you! ♥


There’s a ribbon in the sky for our looove! (Sorry) 😀

You are a real gust of fresh air my [first name]. I’m jealous of your colleagues who get to be with you all day! I love you sweetie pie.

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