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Sweetest I love you message : 10 love messages

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Sweetest I love you message : 10 love messages

Yes it’s true, we all dream of receiving the sweetest message that will make our hearts melt, so to your phones, gentlemen, because here are our top 10 love messages to help you say “I love you”.  Sweetest I love you message : 10 love messages ? Let’s go !

Sweetest I love you message : 10 love messages

  • Time spent without loving you was time lost! I know our Love Story is only at it’s beginning! I love you my Love!
  • Since the very first day I met you, I ‘ve never stopped loving you sweetheart.
  • Thinking of you makes my heart beat faster, I see you in my dreams when I sleep, I think I love you… More than anything in the world!
    • I miss you sweetheart, a little bit more everyday, when are you coming back? I am lost without you… I love you.
    • I’m not a poet or a writer, but let me tell you this : you are the treasure of my life, the one I picture myself with in the future, the one I want by my side for eternity!
  • I am so lucky to have found such a secret treasure, I will do anything I can to keep it. I love you.
  • You are the one who makes me smile, I am happy with you, you are the one who makes my dreams come true. I love you my Love!
    • Yes, finding true love is hard, but now that I have found you I know it was worth every effort!

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  • The first time I saw you, I was spellbound, by your eyes, your charming smile, you taught me happiness. I love you sweetheart..
  • Thank you for these happy moments, I love you more and more with every one of your smiles!

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