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Sweet short love messages to my love

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Sweet short love messages to my love

It’s always nice getting sweet short love messages, sprinkled throughout your day (but not every hour, it can become smothering). The following examples are written from a masculine point of view, but feel free, Ladies, to adapt these love texts as you see fit 🙂

10 Sweet short love messages to my love

I love getting up in the morning near you, watching you underline your eyes with crayon, brush your hair, button up your blouse… I will never get tired of that moment.

My home, my love, is your home 🙂

I love that you feel good with me because I feel super good when you are in my arms!

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Your scent, your skin, your magnificent eyes, the way you make love to me : all that is what I like about you my love!!

Ever since I’m with you, a ribbon of sunshine found it’s way all around my soul and warms up my heart day after day.

I love you angel, you are my tender happiness. You know, thanks to you I feel alive, you are my oxygen, the softest drug of all

You are always within me, you live in my body even when you’re not around.

You entered my heart without invitation, you’ve surreptitiously infiltrated my soul and bewitched it. Since then, I can’t do without your face, your smile, that love you give me beyond measure. I love you.

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You are my drug : I inject your caresses, I get high on your soft words, I snort the scent of your body and trip dreaming about you treasure.

If I was given the choice between my life and you : I would choose you, for without you I wouldn’t exist anymore.

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