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Heart touching sorry messages for your boyfriend

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Heart touching sorry messages for your boyfriend

Unfortunately, fights happen more often than we’de like, so here are 10 heart touching messages for your boyfriend to say sorry… Because when you speak before you think, a cute text can be part of the solution.

Heart touching sorry messages for your boyfriend

Sorry if I love you regardless of what I’ve done, sorry if you’ll always be part of my life, sorry if you’ll always have top place in my heart. Forgive me. I love you sweetie.

I’m not perfect and you know it, I’ve made mistakes, I accept the consequences. Could you forgive me for hurting you so much?

Mistakes are part of the human nature, but forgiveness is God’s greatest gift, our love is way more than that. I’m sorry. I love you.

My love, I know how angry you are which is why I’m not taking the risk of calling you, but I really want to apologize and to tell you I love you forever.

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Life isn’t a long quiet river, sometimes, as tonight, the waters can be troubled… I spoke before thinking. Forgive me. I love you.

They say plenty of fish in the sea, but I’d gladly sail across every ocean for but a chance to find you, my only love.

It only takes a second to notice an exceptional person, an hour to love her and a lifetime to forget her. You are that person, I’m sure of it now. Forgive me my love.

My friend, my love, I apologize for the bad things I did to you. I love you.

I wish I were with you right now to repair the damage I’ve done my love. I love you.

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I’m so sorry, this fight should never have happened.

You’re the greatest love I know. I love you.

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