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He doesn’t love me anymore : 4 signs he doesn’t care about you anymore

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He doesn’t love me anymore : 4 signs he doesn’t care about you anymore

If you clicked on this article or googled the subject, it’s probable that you have already noticed some changes within your couple,  changes which, far from being beneficial to you, are hurtful and lead you to doubt that your relationship will make it in the long run, so to help you see clearer, we have isolated 4 signs that he doesn’t love you or care about you anymore. “He doesn’t love me anymore” : that’s what you keep telling yourself. If the four signs that follow ring a bell, there might indeed be a problem.

He doesn’t love me anymore : 4 signs he doesn’t care about you anymore

A change in his behavior

Your sweetheart used to be very caring, always having a gentle word to soothe you, a caresse on the cheek to prove his affection… but today : nothing. On top of that, the more you ask for attention and tenderness, the more he closes up, rationally explaining that the more you expect him to act the way you want him to, the more he wants to flee. And so you don’t know what to do anymore. You look at him, your love for him intact, you want to snuggle against him, to laugh with him again, but his reluctance acts like an iron curtain seperating you.

Your companion’s behavioral change can take other forms : he used to come home from work everyday at pretty much the same time, but it now seems that late meetings are the new normal. He comes home later and later, multiplies Poker nights out with his friends, and seemingly never questions himself about what you might feel. In plain English, that’s what you call a coward : a man who would rather run away than face you and tell you he’s sick of you, that you annoy him and that he needs some air. Bob has – or so it seems – no balls. And, when you go for a communicative approach, it’s the end of the world, he seeks refuge with his best (she) friend, television or computer.

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He doesn’t look at you anymore

You used to be his princess, the most beautiful woman in the world, he couldn’t take his eyes off you, even in the morning before you get ready. Today, even his favorite dress and some alluring makeup gets you no reaction! Not that he doesn’t think you’re pretty, it’s just that he got used to you. You’re not a surprise for him anymore. He knows your body by heart, as well as your scent, your eyes when you wake up, your eyes in the evening, your beauty mark on the left under your belly button… None of that is a secret to him anymore. Which is perfectly normal if you have been in the relationship for some time. What is less normal is the absence of compliments. It doesn’t take a genious to know that any human being, man or woman, needs compliments, needs to feel important and exceptional in the eyes of the one he/she loves.

He doesn’t desire you anymore

We often tend to think women turn down sex more often than men. WRONG. Men know how to say no to sex very well. And when desire is gone, they won’t force themselves and will plainly state “wanting to sleep”, “being tired”, being stressed out”, “I always do everything, it’s tiring”. In short, Your Love God who once had a body that wouldn’t quit, has almost become very difficult to convince of having a bit of naughty fun with you. You are tired of always having to take the first step.

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You annoy him for no reason

Whatever you may do, it irritates him. Wether it’s the way you think, the way you move, the way you behave, it’s all a pretext for exasperation. What had once seduced him has now become unbearable. For example, you like to take care of your skin. Before, seeing you with cucumber and mud on your face made him laugh. Today, he considers you are a narcissistic egocentrico satanist.

We can’t say for certain that your boyfriend doesn’t love you anymore, in spite of these signs, but what is certain is that some form of dullness at least has taken over : talk about it together, if Mister doesn’t run away from dialogue once again, that is. Courage!

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