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9 signs that someone loves you secretly

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9 signs that someone loves you secretly

You’ve all wondered one day or another if someone out there loves you secretly, and so we have identified 9 signs you can look out for! Maybe he’s a charming coworker, a childhood friend or that stranger you see on the subway every morning. You meet a lot of people : at school, at work, at parties, during activities… And the question : “How can I tell if someone secretly loves me?” might pop into your head.

How can you tell if someone secretly loves you? 9 signs that someone loves you secretly

there is (un)fortunately no feeling decoder available yet and you will never be 100% sure that a person you suspect of loving you really is in love. That being said, some signs can show a strong interest!

He makes insinuations

Sometimes when you are casually talking together, he says things like “If we had been together” / “If we were an item, I…”. That clearly means he has already thought about it and maybe thinks about it still!

There’s also that high school sweetheart who, after all these years, has never forgotten you. And who, everytime you run into each other, reminisces about “the good ol’ days” when you were together. And says you should have a drink together sometime.

He shows his interest with his touch

Maybe he’s crafty and looked up on the internet (exactly what you are doing right now) a bunch of articles that clearly specified that in order to show your interest to somebody, touch was paramount! And so he sometimes puts his hand on your arm, cheek or shoulder. In short, he does everything he can to establish a subtle yet visible physical contact.

He acts like a teen

With you, he often literally acts like a prepubescent teenager. Instead of clearly saying that he likes you, he switches between totally ignoring you and expressing his desire to see you. He enjoys teasing you every five minutes  when you’re together because he is convinced you like it and that it “spices” things up.

He shares his life with you regardless of the time of day or night

It isn’t rare that you receive a text from him saying something like : “I just saw an awesome exhibition of [xxxx] you would have loved it” or “I just finished the [xxxx] TV series, thumbs up for the suggestion” (at 2am).

Bottom line, he thinks about you regularly and can’t help letting you know in a disguised manner. It’s safe to say that if a guy takes the time to send you a message at 2am (and he’s neither drunk nor your booty call), he is interested in you.

He shows genuine interest

When you see each other, he doesn’t engage in a monologue. He doesn’t talk about himself, it’s in fact the exact opposite! He questions you about your job, your musical tastes, your favorite movies… He really wants to learn more about you ; you intrigue and attract him!

He uses your centers of interest to figure out what presents to give you

He’s a real listener when you tell him about yourself and he commits every last detail to memory! And so he brings you your Haagen Dazs, your favorite type of candy or he downloads THE movie you were dying to watch but couldn’t find.

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Although he’s “not into texting”, he doesn’t seem to mind with you, for hours at a time

In fact, it looks like everything about you interests him. Even what you ate last night! Your conversations matter to him and he’s often the one starting them!

He’s invited you to a night out with his friends

He said you should join him at a bar where he and his friends are. He wants to introduce you to the people he holds dear and, perhaps have their opinion about you. Even if he’s had one of his own for a while now.

He tells you what you want to hear

Sometimes he makes statements such as : “What’s important to me in a couple is…” and it turns out to be exactly what you told him on an other occasion. No, he’s not necessarily a manipulator, nor is he bulshitting you. He wants you to like him and that’s also a good way (especially if what he says is true).

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Or on the contrary, in order to tease you, he could also tell you what you don’t want to hear. To get a reaction!

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