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10 things to do with your girlfriend/boyfriend when you have no money

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10 things to do with your girlfriend/boyfriend when you have no money

When you have no money, you may start feeling that you have less options when it comes to finding things to do with your girlfriend/boyfriend, but fortunately for you, we thought of 10 things to do with your girlfriend/boyfriend when you have no money !

10 things to do with your girlfriend/boyfriend when you have no money

1/ Go back to where it all began

Because time travel is free (unless you first set eyes on each other on the oter side of the world) and guarantee cuteness and memories and feels!

2/ A picnic in your living room

Is it raining outside? Stay comfy and dry in your very own apartment! Lay the tablecloth on the floor and prepare a nice basquet (a few simple ingredients can go a long way, and the point is the fun atmosphere more than the fancy food). And you can go straight to bed after the feast. You know, to rest and digest… and other things!


This could be you (without the trees and grass).

3/ Go hiking

A physical moment (your legs won’t thank you), but also one for wonder than can only reinforce your couple. Yes it was tough but you made it together!

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4/ Improvise a photo shoot

This activity will stimulate your artistic side, with one of you as the photographer and the other as the model (and then you can switch). You will have a good time and create memories! You can even make an album later.

5/ Get your hands dirty (with clay)

Let’s stay on the artistic side of the sprectrum with a manual activity (like in the movie “Ghost”). Tell your love through pottery! This fun activity also has the advantage of leaving you with a souvenir (and if you’re good maybe even a nice one…).

6/ Cook together

A moment of complicity your stomachs will thank you for, which can also end up in a flour fight if you don’t watch your back… You get to eat, spend some time together, and build happy memories.

7/ Play video games

Because yes, it is about time you show him who’s the boss (you obviously) and to kick his ass as Mario Kart.

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8/ Go for a bicycle ride (or a walk if you don’t have a bike)

OK, it isn’t the activity that involves the most talking, but it’s the perfect daydream-inducing idea that can get you to consider the future together, imagine the places you want to live in later etc… For the ultimate couple experience, you can go for a tandem bicycle, or if you’re more of a daredevil type, one of you can hop on the handlebar!

9/ Share a bath or shower

Not necessarily to save water, not necessarily to save time… Come on, do I really need to explain the fun in this one?

10/ Watch a movie under the blanket

Your favorite film that you saw a million times, and as a matter of fact you know every single line of it by heart? Prove it! Hit mute and deliver the dialogue yourselves! Or go for that new fascinating award-wining foreign flick that might become your new favorite film!

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