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10 effective and successful dating headlines

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10 effective and successful dating headlines

Many different online dating websites exist, but in most cases, if you want to be  successful, you’re going to need an effective headline, catchphrase or first message, so we have cooked up 10 examples. Let’s go for our 10 effective and successful dating headlines !

10 effective and successful dating headlines

As opposed to phone apps such as Tinder or Happn, online dating website messages are generally longer. And don’t forget : your status is almost as important as your profile picture, so take some time to write it.

3 golden rules for sending a first message online :

1/ Make it reflect your personality!

I know, we keep saying this! And yet it appears this rule is seldom applied. I also know that some of you have their little templates and only change a few elements at a time. It isn’t necessarily a bad idea, but is has to be subtle!

2/ Build up on the profile of the person of interest

Don’t send a first message if you haven’t taken the time to find out more about the person in question. If she hasn’t filled in her profile, ask her about it.

3/ Ask a question!

Maybe the most important of all. It is paramount that you end your message with a question. Otherwise, the receiver won’t know where to start in order to answer back.

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10 effective and successful headline examples for online dating :

I’m going to give examples for both the young and the older among you. Because you’re obviously not going to send the same message to a thirty year old as you would if she was fifty!

1/ After having racked my brain for a pickup line subtle enough to hope for an answer from you, I eventually came to the conclusion that I had to admit to you that I didn’t know where to start. OK let’s go : Your pictures are very beautiful, you look like a woman both gentle and full of life, a woman I want to know. So I already want to know a little more about you : Do you have any passions? What kind of movies do you enjoy? What’s your favorite song? (Yes, I know, a lot of questions for a start). Hoping to read you soon…

2/ I learned I had to get out of my comfort zone, and that’s exactly what I’m doing by getting in touch with you. Because I’m far from being a pro when it comes to going online, I’m a beginner in the matter, I don’t really know how to get you to want to know me. Your status stood out, I found a certain echo to it. I believe we share the same vision of what a couple should be, and of life in general and I would like to learn to discover you. I have to admit I would prefer meeting you “for real” but we can also start talking here if you prefer. How does that sound?

3/ I’ve looked up some info in your profile to find out who was really hiding behind that pretty smile but I found nothing. So I’m frustrated 🙂 How about we start with a chinese portrait : if you were food? A piece of clothing? An animal?

4/ Aren’t you the daughter of that famous criminal? Who stole stars from the sky and hid them in your eyes? As you can see, my sense of humor is both subtle and hilarious. But seriously, I saw you liked to travel, I’m quite an adventurer myself, which countries have you been to?

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5/ I was quite moved by your profile, it corresponds exactly to what I’m looking for in a woman. You seem calm, joyful, and most of all, it looks like you know what you want! I myself just got out of a very long – 20 years – relationship, and I’m now looking for a companion with whom I can make the best of life in the long run. What do you enjoy doing most in life? Do you have any hobbies? Do you enjoy cutural outings? I personally very much do.

6/ Having been married for years, it’s my first time ever on an online dating website and I’m unfamiliar about what to do next. I saw your profile, was immediately drawn by your sparkling eyes and wanted to discover more. I liked the way you presented yourself : I saw you were active and fit, and so am I. Have you ever tried [sport you’re currently doing]? We could practice together!

7/ You’re a fan of [music band]! Awesome, it’s the first time I spot a woman who knows and enjoys them! We’re bound to get along! Have you also heard of [other music band]?

8/ I like to learn to know people through two questions and, since I really enjoyed your profile (your smile and sensitivity got the better of me), I dare ask you : I you won a million dollars, what would you do? Which animal would you have liked to be? I look forward to reading your answers.

9/Reading your profile felt like looking at my own. It was strangely funny, like meeting my female (male) double. So, obviously, I would very much like to talk with you. You say you’re from [City], that’s my hometown, do you know [precise place in this city]?

10/ It’s the first time I like a profile so much. I’m no going to lie, I’ve been on this website for about a month, but so far I haven’t met anyone I found truly interesting. Now you, you have something special, I can’t really explain it but I spotted you on the website yesterday and I wasn’t even able to work up the courage to send you a message, for fear of it going unanswered… And then eventually, here I am writing to you because I prefer remorse to regret. If you accept, how about we play a little game to learn to know each other. But first things first, would you also like to know more about me?

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