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Perfect first messages online dating examples

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Perfect first messages online dating examples

Finding the right words for a perfect first message to a girl on a online dating website is no walk in the park, but lucky for you, we have a few examples in store! You need to show some interest, make a good impression, distinguish yourself from the other invitations and all of that without passing off as rude, crude, annoying or boring… In short, it’s perfectly normal if you’re feeling a little tense!! Today, “Love Stories” has decided to share with you the perfect first messages online dating examples !

The trick is to find common ground and exploit it in order to start a conversation. Forget her good looks, concentrate 100% on her personality. Complimenting her on her physical appearance is indeed a rookie mistake. And you can be sure she has already received hundreds of such messages, give of take few variations.

Asking her about her centers of interest and subtly complimenting her will be a refreshing change for her. And you will immediately distinguish yourself from the others!

Perfect first messages online dating examples

“Hi, it looks ike we share the same taste for adventure. So tell me : if you had just won an all included trip, where would you want to go?”

“Hey! You strike me as an interesting person, so I thought I’d send you a message. Have you ever read the Game of Thrones books? If you enjoy the series, you’re bound to love them, they really give you the full picture! What other kind of series are you interested in?”

“You seem a little eccentric, and I always like that in a woman. Normality is overrated these days! So tell me, if I was to bump into your group of friends on the way to meeting you for the first time, and I asked them what I should expect… what would their answer be?”

“I was distractedly browsing through profiles and yours caught my eye, so I stopped and started to read it. I want to know more about you, so tell me : if you were stuck in an elevator for an hour with a celebrity,  who would you want it to be and why? (It’s a real question 😀 )”

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“I was intrigued by the mischievous glimmer in your eye and I was wondering : what is the worst crime you have ever committed?

A. International espionage

B. Having “borrowed” candy from the convinience store

C. Having broken the five-second rule

D. ________________________ ?”

“Hi, is the recipe for pork tenderloin with zucchini yours, or have you found it elsewhere on the internet? I love to cook and I’m constantly on the prowl for new recipes!”

“Hey! I saw you liked Rise Against and The Alpha Fire, and it really is the first time I meet someone with the same musical tastes as me! Were you by any chance at The Alpha Fire’s concert in NYC? I was and it was electrifying!”

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