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The best examples of catch phrases on online dating

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The best examples of catch phrases on online dating

Read on below to see our best examples of catch phrases for online dating!

The best examples of catch phrases on online dating

Taking the first step in online dating is not easy! This article is especially written for men. Why? Because I know that, still today, they have to do most of the work. For a simple reason : when it comes to online dating, women are constantly wooed, urged, begged and beseeched! Even without a profile picture, even without a description, women will ALWAYS receive hundreds of messages on a daily basis. But the good news is that most of these messages are… aweful! So let’s find out what the best examples of catch phrases for online dating are 😉

Messages on online dating sites :

Man vs Woman

As I was saying, woman have no trouble attracting attention, sometimes to the point of harassment! And the good news for you is that they don’t like it at all! It’s like being catcalled every fifteen minutes on the streets with “nice ass guuurl, z’it come with a smile?” or getting 50 texts a day saying “ey butiful watup” : it doesn’t encourage you to answer at all!

To men reading this, if you are nice, courteous and interesting, you need not worry. If women don’t answer, it’s simply because you haven’t found the right catch phrase yet! Because women will gladly respond to those who take the time to write a message containing SENTENCES, good spelling and true interest.

Bad catch phrases in first messages on online dating sites

Before I give you the best catch phrases to use on an online dating site, I’m going to show you the worst 😉

What I mean by “bad catch phrase” are vulgar messages, “ey watup” messages, messages that don’t encourage you to answer, messages only conveying an interest in physical matters…

Here are a few examples of very bad catch phrases on an online dating site :

The no strings attached

“hi, i’m marc, i’m 33, i’m courteous and well behaved, and i’m looking for a companion to have nice conversations with, followed by sexy meetups no strings attached. how are you and would you like to discover me?”

The weirdo

 “ey i’m Seb do you like the virtual??”

The job interview

 “Hi new to the site, I signed up in order to meet nice people. Currently a student (Master’s degree in world trading), I’m fit, of pleasant company, respectful of every need, I take great care of my personal hygiene, I like to indulge, to live life to the fullest. I’m looking for a long term relationship (if the feeling is right) with a woman sharing the same motivations : being intimate without losing your freedom with respect for each other. I live with my parents in Hoboken, I own a vehicle and am easily available (especially if I know I’m going to have a good time). I don’t know why but my pictures have been blocked. I can however send them by email.”

The lame and insistant

“Good evening, what are you looking for precicely?”
“Good evening, what is it you are looking for precicely?”
“Good evening, what are you looking for precicely?”

The uncalled for

 “I imagine you will get loads of messages such as this one, but what the hell, I was just wandering across your profile and I thought… you never know so why not. I was wondering if you would be interested in having a bit of fun with a charming young man, well endowed in the zipper area, but without an empty brain. If ever you are interested, why not take the time, with a bit of irony, to find out more…”

OK, I’m going to stop here, I ‘ve got hundreds more but I think you got the idea!

How to write a good catch phrase on a dating site?

The question

First things first : if your sentence doesn’t call for an answer, then there will be no answer! Yep, sending a message on a dating site is a bit like telemarketing. If you are a salesman and that every one of your calls to customers ends with “I’m sending you the leaflet”, chances are you’re not going to sell anything. On the other hand, if you say “I’m sending you the leaflet and calling you back next week to settle the deal. Is tuesday 11am OK?” you might be going somewhere!

Of course the operation is not exactly the same, but the point is the question is paramount!

What type of question? For the first message, don’t get ahead of yourself! You don’t ask a woman out for drinks or to meet in the first message. However, you can opt for rather funny questions (to finish your message with). For example : “breakfast-wise, are you a cereal or a pancake person?” You can also build up on information you found in her profile to ask her a question. For example : “nice tatoo, I’m thinking about getting one, but I’m afraid it might hurt, what would you recommend?”.

Building up on a profile

I am aware that all women don’t necessarily fill in their profile. But with those who do, take the time to read and rebound on the information you will find.


Sorry about the lame analogy, but I was about to say “it’s a bit like a cover letter”. If you send 150 similar cover letters to companies operating in very different fields from one another, there is very little chance of you getting a job.

When you approach a woman, remember she is unique and would like you to notice it a bit more! So go through the effort of personalizing your messages in regards to the person “in front” of you.

Examples of the best first messages on a dating site

If you have information about what kind of movies she likes

“I’ve looked up some information before coming to talk to you… And I must admit I haven’t  found much… But I’m under the impression of having found quite a “special” girl… Let me explain, don’t sulk! But a girl who likes Tim Burton or Guillermo Del Toro (whom I am a fan of) films, or movies such as Requiem for a Dream…  You must have a bit (a lot?) of crazy in you… Which I would love to share… So maybe talk to you soon 🙂 ”

Why does it work?

You can see the guy took the time to analize the profile, and that he didn’t come here just to make physical compliments… that everybody makes and receives! In terms of adjectives, the word “special” is awesome! Way more flattering for the ego than “charming” or “pretty”!

If the gal acts all detached on her profile like “I don’t really care about dating sites but I’m still on them”

“Hello you! You are acting all detached on your profile. Could it be you are a… Hipster? (Hostilities are open)”

Why does it work?

The famous “I want to get on your nerves” technique works wonders. In a way, we always kind of want to answer to justify ourselves 😀

If her profile is totally empty

“I have to admit your photo is what caught my eye in the first place. But I also have to admit that I felt frustrated when I found nothing to read on your profile. So, since I know zip about you, I thought we should start with the basics : Do you like blueberry pie?”

Why does it work?

The message is well written, respectful, light-hearted and funny. We want to answer the wacky question and find out more about the character!

If you want to go all in with the humor card

“[First name] I have dreamed about you all night, how can you be so present in my heart?“

Why does it work?

This catch phrase will work if the gal has, just like you, a solid sense of second degree humor.

I hope you’ll get some inspiration now that you have read this article!

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