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The most touching love messages for her/him

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The most touching love messages for her/him

With every passing day, you realize she/he’s the one, and nobody else, so here’s how to let her/him know with 10 touching love text message examples to tell her/him your love. Here are the most touching love messages for her/him

The most touching love messages for her/him

Ever since there are two of us, I know that time can do nothing to our feelings because I hold our love to be eternal.

Magic isn’t real and yet ever since you’re at my side everything looks magical. I love you.

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You are the piece my heart was missing. I love you.

I don’t say this half as much as I should, but thank you for being at my side. You attention and gestures make me love you more and more every day.

I wanted to write you a text to describe all my love to you, but that will be too short to tell you how much I love you.

This message is proof of my love. Place it near your heart and you will feel it accelerate in unison with mine.

I love this life with you, and I couldn’t stand a life without you by my side. I love you.

My heart beats a little faster every time we see each other, could it be love? So yes I love you and I know it’s for a very long time.

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Because of work, I’m often not there, but you are in every one of my thoughts. I love you.

Without you life doesn’t taste the same, do you know how much I love you?

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