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Inspirational love messages for him : The best romantic messages for him

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Inspirational love messages for him : The best romantic messages for him

It’s sometimes complicated to put words on what you feel in your heart, and yet it’s such a pleasure to receive a nice love message, so here are our inspirational love messages to tell him how you feel! Discover below our 10 examples of inspirational love messages for him 🙂

Love message for him : 10 love messages

Love message for him #1

I’ve often had this little girl’s dream, that some day prince charming would come to my rescue and love me, today I’m living the dream. I love you <3

Love message for him #2

You are my sweetheart but also my best friend, you are my worst enemy, you are my confidant and also my lover, you are the stranger I have always longed to meet. You are my everything 🙂

Love message for him #3

I can’t wait for you to come home to show you how much I love you sweetie 🙂

Love message for him #4

The time has come for me to admit my feelings. It’s like when you have to learn a poem by heart and it’s intimidating to walk to the front of the class. Today I don’t need to learn that word because thanks to you I already know it by heart : I LOVE YOU <3

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Love message for him #5

You are my small weakness but also my greatest strength, everyday you fill me up with happiness : I love you.

Love message for him #6

I don’t know if you’ve put a spell on me to make me fall in love with you, but I do know the world is more magical with you in it!

Love message for him #7

I love you shyly, I love you passionately, I love you beyond reason, I love you infinitely <3

Love message for him #8

I didn’t believe in miracles : then you came along.

Love message for him #9

One day you came up to me in a cafe and you had “game”. And today it’s the game of my life, thank you <3

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Love message for him #10

What I like about you? It’s you 🙂 I like your smile, I like your laugh, I like it when you get angry at your favorite football team for losing. I also like the way you look at me and the way you touch me. I like it when your lips meet mine. I also like it when you whisper gentle words of love into my ear. I love you kitten.

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