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Sweet messages for your boyfriend/girlfriend

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Sweet messages for your boyfriend/girlfriend

We all want to write sweet messages for our boyfriend/girlfriend and of course we love receiving them too! So here are 10 cute messages to help you share your love :

Sweet messages for your boyfriend/girlfriend

Darling I love you more than peanut butter, and God knows I love peanut butter!  😀 #Humor

Me without you is like a heart without a beat… I love you so much! I love you #Adowable

When I watch you sleep at night, I could just eat you all up! #SoCute

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I love to see you complain, I love to see you sigh, when you refuse to do house chores, yes, it’s true, that gets on my nerves, but I don’t give a damn because none of that matters when compared to everything you bring me! #Realistic

Honey, you are the love of my life, before you I saw life in black and white, today it’s filled with 1000 colors #Lovely

My love, you and me, I know, I’m sure, it’s for life! #Sure

All my life they told me to follow my dreams so now it’s decided, forever I will follow you! #CutiePie

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I love you, this text is too small and too weak to describe the huge amount of love I feel for you! #CrazyInLove

You and me sounded so obvious, and yet it was the most beautiful thing in my life, the one that everybody should to be lucky enough to experience! I love you my love… #Love

I’ve never felt as happy in my entire life, you’ve brought me so much light and happiness! I will never thank you enough sweetheart! 😀 #ThankYou

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