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10 Signs that you’re falling in love… Without realizing it

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10 Signs that you’re falling in love… Without realizing it

Falling in love isn’t always easy, you can feel lost and have many questions, or maybe even not be sure you really are in love at all, so today we bring you the signs that you’re falling in love… Without realizing it !

Signs that you’re falling in love… Without realizing it

Discover our 10 signs that love is in the air, and that you may be falling right into it!

Sign of falling in love #1 : You blush

You can easily blush when you are attracted to someone. Some more than others of course, especially if you’re very shy.

But wether you’re a total extrovert or of shy nature, every one can blush when it comes to falling in love. The feeling of love affects you inside (knots in your belly, quicker heartbeats…), which in turn affects you outside, adding a bit or color to your cute little cheeks.

Blushing is a real signal : your heart sends an alert to your nervous system which releases adrenalin that rushes through your blood. Don’t worry though, blushing can be ever so cute.

Sign of falling in love #2 : You have trouble concentrating

When love is in the air, it will affect your ability to concentrate. You only ever think about that person : at night before you fall asleep, in the morning when you wake up, at work during meetings… In short, you can’t focus and suffer a severe drop in productivity.

But doesn’t that feel great?

Sign of falling in love #3 : You’re clumsy

You may be the smartest and most intelligent person in the world, you will blurt out nonsense while you fall in love. You will lose your cool and your usual easy combacks will stay stuck in your throat.

You might splutter or have outburts of nervous laughter for no obvious reason. Worse, you might become the clumsiest person on earth and fall, tip over your glass… All signs of budding love!

Once again, nothing to worry about, it happens to the best of us.

Sign of falling in love #4 : Resisting

It is highly probable, when falling in love, that you start resisting it at first. Such as “No, of course I don’t love him, this isn’t me” or “It’s too early, I’m not ready for this”… Dr Heril explains that this kind of behavior will often arise when a person objectively answers none of your romantic criteria, and yet troubles and destabilizes you all the same.

You try to listen to reason, in vain, rather than to your heart. And find it impossible, beyond your strength. Resisting is in that way a very frequent sign of budding love.

Sign of falling in love #5 : Idealizing

Idealizing is THE sign you’re falling in love. It’s true : during the first steps of a relationship, you will only be able to see the other’s qualities and what you have in common. It is also called the crystallization of passionate love.

So when you fall in love, you could think to yourself something like “You also went to an Incubus concert!”, “You parents also live in Chicago?”… Every little detail will for you be a heaven-sent sign aimed to put you on the path of love.

Sign of falling in love #6 : You can lie

When you find yourself in the midst of budding love, you might find that you start lying about little things. For example, you had planned to go to a party with your friends but X (your crush) send you an “Up to something tonight? Wanna grab a drink?”. And instead of answering with a truthful “Sorry, at a party tonight”, you answer with “Sure! :)”. And that’s how love always wins.

Or on the contrary, you might have absolutely nothing planned for tonight, but you will answer “Sorry can’t tonight, out with friends, available tomorrow?”. Just for the sake of showing him you have a social life. Ah… the game of seduction! Flee me and I’ll follow, follow me and I’ll flee…

Sign of falling in love #7 : You look to the future

Projecting yourself in the future is another sign you’re falling in love. When you meet someone you really like and are falling in love with, you develop an amazing capability of looking to the future and finding it bright and happy. Not a single dark spot, life is good and Disney birds are helping you put on your dress.

Dr Heril again : “You fantasize about the other one loving and desiring you, and your mind skips the obstacle of incertainty, although it is the essence of falling in love.”

Careful though, hasty projections could be the sign of severe affective dependence : you are more attracted to love itself than to the person you think you’re in love with.

Sign of falling in love #8 : You pretend you don’t care or whatever

Another sign you’re falling in love is pretending you aren’t growing attached to the other. Of course, it’s a form of protection, a wall you build so as not to fall back to quickly in the maze that is love and also (most of all?) to avoid scaring off your crush and seeing him run away!

When the truth if of course that you want to see him all the time!

Sign of falling in love #9 : You can spend hours waiting for him to text you back

Why won’t he answer my texts? That’s a familiar question in the early phases of love. You check your phone every few seconds hoping his name will appear on the screan. You’ve been thinking “any minute now” for hours, but you just know he will ask you out on a date – wait was that a buzzing sound?

On the other hand, you try your best not to flood him with messages so as not to show you’re attracted to him too much.

Sign of falling in love #10 : Missing him

One of the most obvious signs that you’re falling in love is missing him. You’ve spent a whole day with him but he’s leaving tonight? Your heart aches and tears are on the verge on breaking free (even though you are very good at hiding it).

You don’t want to scare him away so you keep that feeling to yourself, but one thing is for sure : you start missing him the minute he walks out the door!

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