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Messages to console my love

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Messages to console my love

Need some ideas for text messages to console your love?

10 Messages to console my love

Sometimes your sweetheart isn’t well and you don’t know how to react : he/she is sad because of the loss of a loved one, a family member isn’t well, there has been a fight with a friend, surgery or exams are coming up… So here are some text messages to try to cheer him/her up 🙂

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Darling, I hate seeing you unhappy like that. Know that I’m thinking about you and that I want to hold you in my arms. If I can do anything, say the word! I just want you to be happy!

Love of my life, when you cry, your tears drown my heart 🙁 I love it so much when you smile! Your laugh is my sunlight, your eyes are medecine to my sorrows! Know that I’m here love bug, and I will always be there for you when you’re feeling blue! In the meantime, think about dinner tonight, I’m cooking your favorite food 🙂

I know you’re feeling a bit under these days, you don’t talk about it but I can see it and feel it. I love you, you are my reason to live and my only goal in life is to make you happy so I’m going to do everything I can to turn that frown upside down!

It’s going to be okay honey, I know you’re scared bu you shouldn’t, you are the best and I believe in you!

There is nothing more painful than losing someone, I know that. And I also know that I can’t do anything at all to lessen your grief because I can’t bring your father back. And I can’t take his place in your heart either, but I hope I can manage to keep your mind on the good times you’ve had together. Life is tough, it takes away the ones we love the most. But I love you with all my soul and I promise to you, my love, that it will all get better with time, your wounds will heal and I will always be there to help.

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The tears I saw running down your cheek broke my heart : your grief is my grief also. Tonight, I have a surprise on the way just for you so that we don’t have any more reasons to cry, but only to dream 🙂

Since I’ve known you, you turned my life into a dream. So, sweetheart, I think today is my turn to prove my love! Well don’t just stand there, come in my arms.

I know you sometimes lack self confidence, but I have confidence in us! And that is the most important part! I love you more than everything!

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