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Cheer up messages for my love

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Cheer up messages for my love

Why write cheer up messages to your love? Because feeling glum can happen to anyone, and you want to be there for your sweetheart. A list of cheer up texts, sometimes with humor, sometimes with love and tenderness.

10 Cheer up messages for my love

If one day you feel sad, remember that you once were the fastest sperm in the race. I love you.

Each problem has a solution, don’t worry, we’ll find it together my love.

Life is like riding a bike, you have to keep on pedaling and moving forwards in order not to fall. Courage my love, I am with you.

I’m here if you have problems, to cheer you up if you’re sad, to encourage you if you hesitate, to console you if you fail. I love you.

I am here for all your everyday life worries. You can rest on my shoulder my love. I love you.

Never give up my love, it’s not easy everyday but I’m here at your side, and that is forever. I love you.

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Let’s try to be happy my love even if it’s not easy, together we are invincible. I love you.

Don’t listen to bad people my love. Believe in yourself the way I believe in you. I love you.

Tonight my love, I’m taking care of everything, we’ll spend a great evening that will put a smile back on your face. I love you, see you tonight.

I planned a little relaxation time just for the two of us. I’m going to pick you up at work, get ready.

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