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I love you text messages for him

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I love you text messages for him

No inspiration for an “I love you” text message for him? But looking for innovation and surprise? If you need a little lovin’, don’t dial 634-5789, simply read the following list of 20 texts!

I love you text messages for him

  My love, my life, my heart, my half… don’t forget I love you!!!

I love when you cook, I love when you look at me, touch my hair or massage me. I love watching you sleep and sometimes spying on you. I love to criticise you. I love when you apologize to me just to put an end to my sulking. I love that you’re naive. I love your hands, your mouth. In fact, I think love me you. Love you me?

I was born to meet you, my life began when my eyes met yours… you are my destiny, the one I have always dreamed of. I love you!

I love you the way I love walking on dry leaves in fall. I love you the way I love to pierce bubble wrap. I love you the way a child loves his teddy. I love you naively. Like a teenager. I simply love you…

You are my best friend, my confidant, my lover, my ideal, my sweetheart, my games partner. The man I want… the man I love.

In your arms I dream, in your eyes I exist and in my heart you live. Yes, I love you to infinity.

They say girls will dream about Prince Charming for a long time… Know that I haven’t spent my nights dreaming about him for a long time. Instead I’ve been loving you.

Close your eyes and picture me singing “I love you” by Avril Lavigne… Can you hear me?… Now imagine that I think every word.

To me you are the most handsome, the strongest and smartest of men. You are unique, magnificent, never forget it. I love you.

Generaly, this one works wonders. Our teddies often are very happy to be considered the strongest! (Trust me, I tried this one and others personally).

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 I’ve tasted your skin, I’ve tasted your heart. You gave me an antidote for pain, neuroses and fears. Thank you for everything, I love you!

You are my happiness, my sun, you light up my entire life, you make me better, you are benevolent, you simply are incredible. I’ve heard all my life that such a rare gem doesn’t exist. Could it be I’m the only one to have found it?

Love, Im crazy about you, literally! I love you every minute that goes by.

They say true love is the one that makes us better, that makes us unbeatable, that speaks to our soul. That is precisely what I feel with you. I love you.

I love you, not like you love candy or a good book. I love you so much that you are entirely part of me, to the point that I would be Void if you disappeared.

I love you. I can tell you or write it to you, but you will never know how much I feel it!

Love turns out to be a human drug to me, with the most addictive effects. You are my drug, the most addictive of all!

Six months since you turned my world upside down, six short months… And despite this lapse of time, tiny when compared to the spacetime of life, you have become My life.

The only thing I want you to keep in mind is the intense love I have for you. That my priority in life is to finish it with you. I love you.

I’m under the impression of being born for you. You are my obviousness, my life goal.

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