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Long distance relationship messages for your girlfriend/boyfriend

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Long distance relationship messages for your girlfriend/boyfriend

Here are 15 long distance relationship messages to help you express your feelings for your girlfriend/boyfriend.

In love. Happy. Yet not together. Why? Because you’re in a long distance relationship. And as full of love as you both are, you can’t see each other daily, or even on a regular basis for that matter. The thing with long distance relationships is that all the space is taken by your partner’s absence and by the fact that you miss him. And it amplifies everything. Desire and withdrawal, love and absence alike. It’s beautiful and painful all at once. And some days it’s harder than others. And being far from the person you love, even if you know you will see him eventually, seems beyond your strength. In order to bridge the gap, couples can use any means of communication available. And of course, texting is often the preferred option : easy, quick, usable daily.

Long distance love text #1

Watching you leave tears me apart. Be careful on the road and call me when you arrive! I love you infinitely, we’ll be back together before we know it. 

Love text when you’re far #2

I know where my will to move forward comes from, it comes from you because you are my world. Thank you for everything, thank you for simply being you. Have a beautiful night my love, I love you. 

Long distance relationship love text #3

We’re both living this adventure. If I stay strong, it’s thanks to you. Our soon to come new life together will be wonderful, because our love has always carried us higher and will continue doing so. I can’t even say how much I love you anymore, I’ve run out of strong enough words. 

Long distance love text #4

If only you knew how much I miss you. So much. It’s horrible, it’s all tasteless without you. Can’t wait to be with you again.  

Love text to prove your trust #5

I’ve trusted you completely for all these years, and it’s not about to change overnight because of a few miles between us. We chose this distance and we accept it together, all the better to find each other again very soon. I love you infinitely. 

Impatient text #6

I’m dying to be tomorrow so that you’ll take me in your arms at long last, so that I can breathe in your scent and your skin. Strongest kisses. I love you. 

Message after parting #7

You just left and I miss you already. I wanted to feel you near me so I went to get one of the t-shirts you’ve slept with this weekend and it still had your smell… 

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Love text #8

Enjoy your film sweetheart, too bad we can’t watch it together. I miss movie nights on the couch with you so much. Can’t wait… 

Text to wish a beautiful day from afar #9

Hey my love, I hope this tough day will go by smoothly for you, one more night apart and we’re finally reunited! XXX 

Text full of tenderness #10

I’m so on edge from not seeing you that I can’t even talk straight, so here’s a little message to tell you how much I love you. Have a good night, we can speak on the phone tomorrow, I love you my love. 

Love text when you’re far away #11

I feel like part of me has been surgically removed. Exactly half to be precise. You’re missing, my other, my alter ego. Seeing you so sad is what gets to me the most. I’ve started a daily countdown, and at last we will be together again soon.

Sad text when you miss him #12

II don’t even know how to explain what I feel, like a withdrawal that can not be defined. It’s like there’s a big empty hole inside of me that appears whenever you’re far away. 

Missing you text #13

Not sharing the daily things with you anymore might be what is hardest for me. I never would have thought. The little things, the little nothings, habits and details that bring out the big picture, that define us. I miss you, I love you. 

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Long distance love text #14

This distance between us is an ordeal. I believe it will be the 5 longest months of our lives, but also that it can only strengthen our love. I have no doubt about that. I love you more than everything. 

Love text #15

Never forget that even when I’m far away, I’m there. If you’re under the weather or sad, I will always bring you comfort. Never doubt. We’re a powerful combo and so is our love. I love you infinitely sweetheart. 

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