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10 motivational quotes for long distance relationships

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10 motivational quotes for long distance relationships

Love knows neither time nor place, you just have to grab it when it appears, sometimes when you least expect it, and of course that can lead to long distance relationships, and since the experience can often get difficult, here are 10 motivational quotes for long distance relationships… <3 

10 motivational quotes for long distance relationships :

1/ Even the impossible is possible 😉

“Nothing is impossible when your love is true.”

2/ The bigger the space between me and her and the less I can breathe

“Take but just one person and you empty my world.”

3/ Love without borders

“Absence and time mean nothing to love.”

4/ Like part of you didn’t exist anymore

“When it comes to the absence of the one you love, a little is always too much.”

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5/ Love is like an orphan disease, it has no cure <3

“Every hour you spend away from me is a worm eating away at my heart.”

6/ The strength of love lies in the word “forever”

“Only love can keep someone alive.”

7/ Even a trip halfway around the world won’t seperate you <3

“Absence only ever kills love when it was sick to begin with.”

8/ Love is whole only when you love totally

“Love doesn’t know what distance means.”

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9/ You appreciate it even more when desire is envolved 😉

“Distance makes everything infinitely more precious.»

10/ Love is forever and ever

“There is no goodbye for us. Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart.”

Hope you’ve enjoyed today’s quotes! <3 🙂

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