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I want you text messages

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I want you text messages

10 text messages for when what you really want to say is “I want you”! I want you messages ? Let’s go !

I want you text messages

I want you… Want everlasting love, want you to myself.

I wish I could see you, touch you, feel you, stroke you, kiss your entire body, come over here quick.

I always want you so much, I’d like to see you and touch you.

I want to feel your soft skin shiver against mine.

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I want your arms, I want you to look at me, I want your skin, I want you…

I want you, I want to feel you all up against me, fondle you, taste you, whisper insane things to you.

I want you my love, my whole body demands you. I’m waiting naked in our bed, join me fast.

I want to be one with you.

You were so sexy in your shirt yesterday. I wish I had unbuttoned it and caressed your torso before going down…

I want to enjoy you tenderly… Taste every part of your body.

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I love you like a crazy man and I’m dying for you…

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