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Sensual love messages to say goodnight

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Sensual love messages to say goodnight

Here is 10 sensual love messages to say goodnight ♥

10 sensual love messages to say goodnight

I am far away from you tonight, I miss your body and so my heart speaks out to you… I love you.

I am all alone in my bed, I’m cold without my human radiator. I dream of snuggling up against your torso and peacefully falling asleep.

I’m giving you a virtual hug and sending you all of your favorite caresses. Kisses where you like them the most 🙂

Falling asleep without sex is like waking up without coffee. Can’t wait to be tomorrow night…

Don’t tire yourself out in the club tonight, keep some for me tomorrow, I’ve got surprises for you… under my clothes.

I’m quietly falling asleep, gently closing my eyes, imagining you near me, your hands wrapping up around my entire body, your lips on my shoulders and your breath against my neck. Good night, I’m going to dream about you.

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I wish you were with me, I wish you were inside me. But you aren’t. I’ll have to quench that thirst using my imagination I guess… Sweet dreams…

I bought a very sexy little outfit today. Hope you can discover it soon. Till then, have a good hot night.

I’m imagining everything I could do to you if you were here. Needless to say you would have been very satisfied. Too bad there are a few miles between us!

I need my fix of you, you are my drug : I can’t function without you, your smell, your back, your mouth, your heat. Tonight’s gonna be a long night.

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