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Good night my love : 10 romantic messages

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Good night my love : 10 romantic messages

In want of ideas to say “Good night my love”? Check out our 10 romantic messages below!

Receiving a message from your partner is always a heart warmer.

A goodnight text is ideal to conclude a text conversation. Even more if you haven’t had the chance to talk to each other during the day. It shows that, at the end of the day (and after the agitation of commuting, stress and work), your thoughts are directed at him.

Plus, after sending a goodnight text, you can be sure your loved one will be thinking about you (insert evil laughter here).

Good night my love : 10 romantic messages

“We haven’t talked much to each other today, sweetheart, but I hope you’ve had a good day. And if it wasn’t the case, I hope you will at least have a good night.”

“Who’s gonna be my personal radiator tonight? :$ I miss you, sweet dreams!”

“I have thought about you all day. And I’m gonna dream about you all night. Goodnight sweetheart.”

“I wish tonight will go by fast, to be with you tomorrow sooner. Sweet dreams.”

“Sleep well my man, the strongest and most handsome, see you tomorrow.”

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“Sweet dreams baby. I know I will have some… about you <3”

“Your smell, your arms, your smile, your eyes, your hands on me, feeling you talk to me, your voice, your warmth… all of it and all the rest is what I miss about you… may your night be as soft as my kisses.”

“Honey can you here me? Can you feel me near you? Honey can you feel me? Can I help to cheer you? Honey, honey, honey… I could if you were in my bed… Goodnigh sweetheart.”

“Just a quick message to tell you I’m thinking about you before you fall asleep. Sweet dreams.”

“Another night we’re not spending together… I long to spend every one of my nights against you. Goodnight baby!”

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