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Wish a good night to my love

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Wish a good night to my love

Why wish a good night to your love? Because it’s sooo adorable! Granted saying goodnight with a real kiss and hug is better, but if you aren’t in the same bed tonight, here are 10 cute messages to wish your special someone a good night!

Wish a good night to my love


I wish I were in your arms… But since you’re not there, I guess I’ll settle for thinking about you! I love you mi Amor!

I love when we sleep together because your skin is always soft and it’s so nice to curl up against it… Right now the sheets are cold and my feet are all icy 🙁 I miss you!

I want to make love… I’ll be a good girl and wait till tomorrow… Good night my love!

I love you so much my little heart is pounding whenever my thoughts go near you! Good night honey!

You and I is obvious, I’m in my bed tonight, thinking back on the day we met. Luck made us cross paths and I am forever grateful! I’m so happy you are part of my life! Good night love.

I know you’ve had a difficult day and I would have wanted to be there to hold you in my arms… Many virtual kisses! I hope you can feel my lips’ warmth on yours in spite of the distance.

We aren’t used to being apart like that anymore… I miss you atrociously when you’re not there. I feel alone in these empty sheets, my head misses your torso and my hair misses your hands… good night sweetheart.

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When I close my eyes, I see your face, I see your smile and I smile too. Despite the distance, the latest memories I have of moments spent together soothe me… I love you more than everything, sweet dreams my love!

Guess whom I will dream about? 😀 I feel I’m going to sleep well with you in my dreams!  Goodnight darling.

Love of my life, come back fast, without you I expire like an old tin can, I’m drying out like a wind-flower in the desert… But enough metaphors! I love you, I really do, with all my heart! Good night love of my life!

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