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Hottest love messages : 20 sexy messages for him/her

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Hottest love messages : 20 sexy messages for him/her

If you want to spice things up, discover our hottest love messages below! Here is the 20 hottest love messages !

The 20 Hottest love messages

I’m buying a new lingerie set : I can’t make up my mind between lace and silk. What do you prefer? A beautiful dominatrix or a sensual seductress?

I’m in a sex shop : I feel like buying some (vibrating) lipstick… I can teach you my personal way of putting it on 🙂

I want you so bad, I want to touch you, to kiss you and then to bring my mouth lower and lower… Even lower. I want it all to be for you, give you everything I got, do whatever you want, make you happy.

I can’t wait for you to make love to me! I want to be in your arms, wrapped up against you. I want to kiss you until my lips burn you. I want to feel your hands wander across my body, my butt, my tits… I want to feel you inside me. I love you.

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Love is like an illness : you catch it on the street, you cure it in bed. I think I caught a naughty bronchitis, wanna be my doctor?

Good night my love, I’m going to dream about your body. Dream about stroking with my hands… my tongue… I’m getting hot, I want you, I belong to you and your desires.

I so need a part of you, only one part of you.

I’m at work right now and it’s getting very hot, especially because I can picture the way you move in me… And it makes me quiver.

I’m all alone under my quilt, I’m cold, do you have an idea to warm me up???

I want you so bad sweetheart, my whole body requires you. Come, come right now, I want to feel your breath against my neck, inhale your body, taste your lips. I want to be in your arms, I want us to be one tonight. Alone in this big empty bed, I only think of you : the smell of the sheets taunts me, it reminds me of how much I miss you and how badly I want you. I love you.

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I dream of your hands on my chest and your breath against my neck… Unfortunately, I’m at my job -_-

I’m rethinking of last night, it was so good what you did to me. I don’t remember ever experiencing so much pleasure in bed…! You are a wizard 🙂

I love it when I moan from the pleasure you give me, I love feeling your hot and tense body escaping through me!

In my previous relationships, I didn’t give much importance to sexuality. But ever since I met you, I realized all the time I had wasted! And now I could never live another day without having our bodies unite!

“Put your tongue you know where… No don’t stop!” Saez knows how to speak to women, so this quote is just to encourage you to put the song’s lyrics into action.

I can imagine my body dancing on top of yours, our sensual kisses and our soaring to seventh heaven ♥

I wish I could put drops of perfume from your body in a vial. I would spill them on my pillow before I sleep so that I can have dreams about you… rather sexy dreams 😉

I want you. Now.

I can’t last another night without your body. Let me grab my rocket and hosiery and I’m lifting off to meet you!

Me love you. Me love us. I love me with you. And I love you in me. 😀

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