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Sexting messages : being sensual by sexting without being crude

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Sexting messages : being sensual by sexting without being crude

When it comes to messages, sexting can be a delicate business : how do you make them sensual without being crude? Read on to find out! Here are 30 sexting messages.

It’s so nice receiving naughty little messages at any time of the day. And it’s true both for men and for women. Because it all more of less starts with imagination, and the unfulfilled fantasies that make our heads spin.  So how do you turn on that guy you like, or even the one sharing your life, with a simple message?

Here are a few sexts for you :

“I’m in the bath, and I just wanted to say I’m thinking about you”

Sensual. You are in the bath so the message is already sexualized by implying you are naked.

“I’m naked under my dress and I’m starting to get cold. Don’t be too long”

“I bought some whipped cream and I have a few ideas for tonight 😉 “

“I’m in bed, waiting for your hands on my skin”

“I have the munchies, I want to eat you bite after bite”

“We haven’t seen each other for two weeks. You don’t imagine the state I’m in. You’re in for a surprise!”

“I cleared the desk, we’ve never tried the desk. Have we?!? ;p”

“Do you have handcuffs at home? Don’t ask any questions and bring them over, ASAP!”

“I love you. Especially when we make love”

It’s good for the ego! A man like to hear that his tool brings pleasure and happiness and is, in other words, usefull.

“I’m wearing you favorite panties today”

You are aiming for complicity here. Only he know what those pretty panties that he likes so much look like. Jackpot!

“I know we’re seeing each other again tomorow, but I enjoyed so much what we did yesterday that I can’t bear waiting one more night to do it again!”

“When are you coming over to unwrap your surprise present?”

This sext works with a picture. Le me explain : slip on sexy stockings, take off your bra, put on a suit jacket and close it across your chest. And there you have it, the result is guaranteed. Your partner will be running towards you as fast as he can.

“I want to rest my head on your torso, and my lips on your neck”

By using possessive adjectives, you are proving to him that HE and HE ALONE has that crazy effect on you. And that, of course, is a turn on.

“Earlier, when I came to your office, I saw you in a suit. You’re such a turn on dressed like that! I would have given anything to be your secretary”

Combo : possessive adjective + secretary fantasy.

“I want you”

Soft, simple, concise, direct without being crude.

“I’m having some trouble with my washing machine. Do you want to be my plumber tonight?”

“Here. And. Now. I don’t want you to be with me. I want you to be in me” 

It’s getting hot in here!

“I’ve decided I’m starting up and then moving down tonight”

A small glimpse of what awaits him when he comes home. He might get off (work) earlier than expected.

“I’m wearing a very flattering black skinny dress. I sprinkled a few drops of perfume on my neck. And the red lace ensemble I’m wearing underneath is waiting for you to savagely take it off. You know what to do”

“Show up at 9pm, I will want you so bad. Careful though, if you come later… to late!”

Sometimes a little bit of stress is a good thing.

10 more sexts to be sensual without being crude 😉

I can’t wait for your hands anymore, my entire body is burning in desire as I imagine your lips kissing every inch of it.

Imagine me with my sexy stockings, corset ans tuxedo jacket. That’s what I’m wearing lying in bed, waiting for you.

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I want to fulfill your wildest fantasies, slide my tongue across your torso and then go downwards until I hear you moan with pleasure. I want to do everything you want me to do.

I want to make love to you, anytime, anywhere, I will never grow tired of it.

I’m being good and waiting for you in bed but I’ll soon start being bad if you don’t get here soon.

Ever since I’ve tasted to carnal pleasures with you, I can’t shake it off my mind. Every night before falling asleep, I remember our bodies as one, your hands grabbing my hips, your mouth playfully biting my neck, your fingers exploring at will…

I am addicted to your body, every evening spent without seeing you, without making love, is an evening that shouldn’t even have existed.

Tell me your fantasy and I’ll make it happen tonight.

Come and join me in the bath, that’s an order.

I want you to spend your life in me.

How do you send the right sexts?

A sext is a formidable weapon and often a reliable one too! Use it and abuse it within your couple to either get the old spark going again or to spice up a budding relationship. Want to write the perfect sext? Here are a few (basic) rules to follow!

Don’t judge yourself, give it everything you got! Allow your fingers to run freely on the keypad, the more uninhibited you get, the more turned on your partner will be!

Mind your spelling. Honestly, receiving a sext filled with mistakes steals away the charm! A nice sext with perfect spelling, now that’s a turn on

Make sure your partner enjoys it. Because believe me, if a sext only turns on the sender, you’re not going to get very far!

Unleash the fantasies. If you are aware of your sweetheart’s fantasies, don’t hesitate to write about them, or even to go into detail. Such as : “tonight, I’ll start by…”

And now it’s your turn! Any sexting ideas?

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