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How to Know If the First Date Went Well ? 10 Telltale Signs of Great First Dates

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How to Know If the First Date Went Well ? 10 Telltale Signs of Great First Dates

How to know if the first date went well ? Your first date just ended and you want to know, you need to know even, if it went well, and the good thing is we’ve listed the 10 telltale signs of great first dates!

How to Know If the First Date Went Well ? 10 Telltale Signs of Great First Dates

1/ He/she got there on time

A good impression begins even before the date itself! Was your date late? (Come on, be cool, 10 minutes is alright!) Did he/she reschedule the date? If yes, it’s possibly a signal he/she isn’t that interested… Unless he/she’s playing hard to get!

2/ You feel some mutual interest/attraction

Not only physically, but also concerning your personalities. There’s definitely something there, and you’ve felt it from the moment you said hello. You were both making efforts to make the date as pleasant and comfortable as possible. And more importantly : you both want to see each other again!

3/ You had fun

You’ve spent a good time : and you’ve even succeeded in making him/her laugh, and in return, he/she also managed to entertain you! There’s nothing worse than a boring date…

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4/ You’ve had a deep conversation

You didn’t hit a wall and find yourself only capable of talking about the weather! He/she asked intelligent questions, built upon what you were saying, and wasn’t content about just listening. You had interesting and interested exchanges!

5/ He/she was paying attention to you

He/she was truly present, didn’t seem constantly distracted by his/her phone or anything else. There’s nothing worse than a date asking you questions you’ve already answered five minutes ago…

6/ You have a lot in common

Opposites attract each other, yes, but realizing that you both love such and such movie, author, music… in an excellent sign! Sharing the same centers of interest goes a long way!

7/ Your date lasted longer than you had anticipated

Of course, you both have your schedules, and chances are he/she had other plans for after the date, and so you could not have prolongued it even if you wanted to. But otherwise, if time flew, or if you both decided to go for a drink after dinner, then yes, it’s an excellent sign!

8/ He/she complimented you

You both couldn’t help smiling? He/she paid you an honest compliment? What I mean by that is that he didn’t just throw you a “did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”. But a real and beautiful and sincere compliment, that required a bit of observation!

9/ Already you have made plans

You’ve already planned on seeing each other again? To do an activity together? You already know when the second date will be and bringing it up didn’t feel forced, so I guess you can righfully be optimistic!

10/ He/she followed up

What happens after is important in judging if a date went well! If he/she played dead and didn’t give you any news afterwards, chances are you can start looking at other people… And don’t be a texting neurotic, be patient : people usually prefer waiting a few days before resuming the exchanges!


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