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How soon should you message after the first date? The best choice

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How soon should you message after the first date? The best choice

You have met Peter on Tinder, you went out for appletinis, talked, laughed, looked into each other’s eyes and definitely found something there, and the problem is that a mere ten minutes after the first date, you’re wondering how soon you should message him and what the best choice is…

I’ve asked several people for their opinion on the matter. Because honestly, wondering if you’re going to call back or not and playing who’s gonna text first is a UNIVERSAL problem!

How long should you wait after the first date?

My answer :

It all depends on the date itself. How did it go? Did you fall for him? Do you think he fell for you? (…) If there was a real “feeling” in the air (you’ve both laughed all evening, shared and noticed seductive looks, a twich of desire…) then no need to wait ten thousand years! You can perfectly wall send a little text when you get home from the date like “that smile won’t come off 😉 “. If the feeling went both ways, your date will be glad to receive it.

On the other hand, if you’ve liked the guy but aren’t sure what he thought of the date, you should wait for at least two days. If you don’t get any news by then, you could send a text with a twist : “I wanted you to text me first but since you haven’t, well I wasn’t gonna wait all my life. Yes, I know, I’m a natural at philosophy. Up to something this week or should I start forgetting that cute face of yours? :p”

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Wait for two or three days (max) and see if he sends you one. If he doesn’t, go for it, what do you have to lose anyway?

What they think :

Theo, 34 : “I like it when a chick sends me a text just after a date. Women often wait for us to take the first step, but personally I’m not always comfortable with that. So if she initiates it, all the better”.

Yohan, 27 : “If the date with a gal went super well and I have a good feeling about her, I’ll appreciate it even more if she sends me a message. But if the date was, you know, meh, the message might make me a bit uncomfortable.”

Laura, 26 : “Now that’s a question that sounds familiar haha. I always wait for a day or two before sending a message. But if I didn’t like the dude and he doesn’t send me anything, good!”

Camila, 29 : “We shouldn’t ask ourselves so many questions. When I like a guy I step right into it! What’s the point in waiting? What I think is that if he likes me, he will be happy that I text him. And if he doesn’t, well at least I’ll know early, so I won’t be fantasizing like an idiot!”

Quentin, 26 : “I always wait a bit. Suspens is my thing I guess. OK so it doesn’t always work (laughs).”

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