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Good night text for him

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Good night text for him

When you have a boyfriend but don’t live together (or sleep over), you still want him to have a good night, and a text message is just what it takes to ensure that! Here is our 10 good night text for him !

Good night text for him :

Sweet dreams. Only you have touched my heart. It belongs to you always. Sleep well my only love. I love you.

Dumpling I so wish I was with you right now… Have a good night full of sweet dreams. I miss you. Love you.

I feel lonely in my big bed, I’m cold, I want to feel you against me, feel your breath against my neck, your tender kisses on my lips. Good night my love.

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Here’s the night angel swooping by with a delivery of a thousand and one kisses. Goodnight angel.

When I lie down without you, I want to fall asleep as fast as I can to dream of you and to wake up happier than ever. Goodnight angel.

I want to fall asleep every night next to you to watch you sleep and cover you with kisses. Goodnight sweetheart.

At night you are in my dreams, during the day you haunt my thoughts, but the only place I would want you to be is in my arms. Goodnight my love.

I wish you were at the place I booked for you next to me so that we could dream together. Goodnight. I love you.

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I wanted to end the day by wishing a good night to the most handsome man I know, done! I love you.

Little treasure of my life, angel of my personal heaven, to you alone I say goodnight. I love you.

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