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Good night messages for my girlfriend

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Good night messages for my girlfriend

As nightfall happens everyday, I wonder what variations I could use when it comes to good night messages for my girlfriend…

It isn’t always easy falling asleep far away from your sweetheart! So don’t hesitate writing an adorable text to make her feel less alone at bed time. 😉 Here are a few examples of good night messages for your girlfriend :

Good night messages for my girlfriend

Sweet dreams honey, tender kisses… I’ll use my love powers to wrap you up with all the covers so that you sleep nice and warm as you like to!!!

Goodnight angel, rest well, I’m already in such a hurry to see you again tomorrow!

I hope I fall asleep quickly darling, so that we meet up in dreamland 😊

Please find enclosed within this text a big warm hug ready for use! Sweet dreams my treasure!

You are the most wonderful woman : smart, attractive, fun, caring and loving… I’m really happy and more than lucky to be with you my love ❤ Have a good night!

Good evening  sweetheart, before going to bed, I dare you to find the little love notes I hid everywhere in your apartment! Then again, try to get enough sleep. 😘

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I hope you’ll have less trouble than me falling asleep ; I feel so lonely in my bed. I miss your presence, your eyes, your skin and your kisses. 😳

Just before going to bed, I’m sending you this little gift |Coupon for gentle kisses and hugs ❤| Use it well my love. 😉

Sleep well love : it’s so sad not being able to wake up in the middle of the night, notice you’ve rolled away, and “Poof!”, get closer and hold your warm body against mine again… I miss you!

I wish I could fall asleep holding you in my arms, those are the moments I like the most! Sweet dreams darling!

Goodnight honey, lots of gentle kisses so that you fall asleep quick and sound!!

Before you fall asleep, I wanted to thank you for everything. I wanted to thank you for being you. You are the embodiment of my happiness, so rest well, I want you to take care of yourself.😉

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