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Cute texts to make him smile : 20 heartfelt texts for him

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Cute texts to make him smile : 20 heartfelt texts for him

If your aim is to make him smile with a cute text message, look no further, you definitely found the right article! Wether they are sexy and full of implied naughtiness or cute and adorable, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for in this list of cute texts to make him smile :

Not only will he be in a good mood after reading it, but he’ll also be dying to be with you!

Cute texts to make him smile : 20 heartfelt texts for him

I really wish you had called in sick at the office today! I feel quite alone at home right now..

You, me, pizza and Netflix, my place, 9pm.

I hope you’ll have some energy when you come home tonight, I know I will… 😉

All my friends are jealous. They wish they had a man like you!

I can’t stop thinking about last night, I’m totally incapable of concentrating on anything else! ^^

I’m so crazy about you. And it’s your fault! I had never been addicted to anyone before meeting you…

I don’t know of anybody who’s better at _______ than you…

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Remember our first date? Just thinking about it makes my eyes twinkle *.*

Nobody knows how to make me smile as much as you do, nope, nobody.

Thank you for being here to open my jam jars and getting rid of the creepy crawlies that want me dead… And more generally for being here when I need you…

When are we seeing each other again? I know you just left… but well, I’m kind of starting to miss you already!

10 to 1 you’ll smile when reading this message! :p

You make me feel so smart, so pretty, so special… <3

Guess what I’m thinking right here right now… Clue : it only has to do with me and you… 😉

What I’m doing right now? Bragging about my wonderful boyfriend to the girls <3

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Give it to me straight, are you real? Because sometimes I think it’s just too good to be true that someone like you should exist, and come to that, decide to date me.

How did I become so lucky all of a sudden? No idea, but I don’t want it to change. So you better have the patience to put up with me in the coming years 😉

I can’t take your absence anymore, my skin calls yours, my lips need yours, and my heart wants yours. <3

I’m so unbelievably happy that we met at _______ !

If there is one thing I’d want to change about you… It’s the place where you are right now! That way we could be just the two of us…

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