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Beautiful happy 9 month anniversary for your girlfriend/boyfriend

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Beautiful happy 9 month anniversary for your girlfriend/boyfriend

9 months could mean pregnancy, but not today ; no, today is your 9 month anniversary, so in order to make it beautiful and happy, you can start with a cute or passionate text message full of love for your girlfriend/boyfriend! Fell free to take a look at our selection!

Beautiful happy 9 month anniversary for your girlfriend/boyfriend

These 9 months with you have been wonderful, and I promise you that the future we will live together will be even more magical! I love you sweetheart.

It’s a papular saying that time waits for no one. But I guess we are a rare exception because I feel like time stopped 9 months ago, the day I kissed you for the first time ❤

Today, our relationship is 9 months old, and I realize that I’m the luckiest man/woman alive. I have a boy/girlfriend who’s not only gorgeous, funny and smart, but who has also managed to bring color into my life… I love you my love!

There are no words to describe how much my life changed for the better during the last 9 months, since the day I fell in love with you, so I truly hope that deep down you feel the same. Thank you for everything my treasure!

From the short cute texts at dawn till the goodnight messages at dusk, my days became gentler when you became my sweetheart!

This 9 month anniversary reminds me the first time we went out togethter and I looked into your eyes. And still today, as I think about it, I have butterflies in my stomach! X0X0 my love!!

Each day spent loving you has been unique and special, and there is only one way of describing what my life has become since we started dating 9 months ago : … simply magical.

9 months! Even after all this time, your smile is still like coffee to me : it wakes me up and keeps me in a good mood all day. I love you sweetheart!

We’ve made it! Our relationship has known yet another month of happiness! And I hope to live many more with you sweetheart, you’re so precious to me!

I love the beautiful smile on your face and the spark in your eyes when we’re together. And I want to be at your side to celebrate many more anniversaries! 9 months of shared love and tenderness my angel ❤

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