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Happy 8 month anniversary paragraphs for your boyfriend/girlfriend

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Happy 8 month anniversary paragraphs for your boyfriend/girlfriend

If you and your boyfriend/girlfriend are an outgoing and passionate couple, and have been waiting for your 8 months anniversary like children waiting for Christmas, and are now dying to send each other a love-filled text message, take a look at our happy 8 months anniversary paragraphs! We prepared 8 of them for the occasion!

Happy 8 month anniversary paragraphs for your boyfriend/girlfriend

My love, the clock sings the wondrous hour of this beautiful night <3 I remember our first kiss like it was only yesterday… And it left its mark on my lips <3 This very first kiss was barely over and already I knew I wanted it to last for all of eternity <3 I love you, love of my life! <3 To us and to our eight passionate months during which we have never stopped loving one another <3

Eight months my love <3 And to think there once was a time when I would never have believed such an incredible and beautiful woman would have wanted to spend even a single month at my side 🙂 But luck smiled upon me and today I’m the happiest man on earth <3 Your love is the most beautiful gift there could be, you bring me so much… <3 From your boyfriend who holds you tight in his arms <3

Tick, tock… It’s midnight! Hahaha it’s like christmas in my mind ^^ Eight months ago, we were drinking hot chocolate whith the divine feeling that time had stopped <3 The magic felt at that precise moment has since remained in my heart <3 And it lights up the glimmer in my eyes with every “I love you” exchanged <3 From your girlfriend who wishes she had eight arms to hug you even more under the sheets! <3

Once upon a time there was a pretty little kitten and a cute little wolf <3 Holding paws, they fought through life’s greatest challenges with smiles on their faces and joy in their hearts! Little wolf and Little kitten are flying off to seventh heaven to celebrate their 8 months of love and cuddling <3 From your Little wolf who loves you so so much <3

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My kitty cat <3 We have now been together for 8 meows! My heart and panties are dancing with joy! From your happy purring girlfriend who loves you! <3

Hey princess <3 I hope you had a chance to rest a bit! Because tonight I’m going to kiss you to exhaustion to show you how much I care for you <3 8 months already… But 8 months during which I have never felt so happy and in love! I’m running back and forth to make tonight perfect 😛 From your lover who loves you <3 See you very soon! <3

Happy 8 month anniversary paragraphs if you’re a bit the lovey dovey type : 

Hey my love! My name is Olaf and I love to cuddle! Hahaha I was imagining us in each other’s arms 🙂 <3 It’s been 8 months to the minute that we share the same pillow as well as the same jokes! <3 I wish you a day as bright as the Sun! Even though… it’s raining! I’m drenched…!

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Happy 8 month anniversary paragraphs if you’re a geek couple : 

For 8 months your boyfriend been I have <3 hahaha is it me or have I just made a Star Wars reference for our 8 months? I think my training with Yoda is now complete! :p can’t wait to take you away tonight in my Millennium Falcon and maybe even fool around on the back seat (Chewbacca is out of town, I swear)… <3 :p

I hope these cute little texts have inspired you and made you even more impatient than you already were! We wish you a happy couple’s anniverary and a beautiful date night!

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