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Happy 6 month anniversary text messages : 10 Beautiful messages

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Happy 6 month anniversary text messages : 10 Beautiful messages

You’ve reached the 6 months milestone and it’s a big deal, so here are 10 examples of text messages to wish your sweetheart a beautiful and happy anniversary on this special day!

Happy 6 month anniversary text messages : 10 Beautiful messages

We’ve kissed for the first time six months ago and I have been filled with joy ever since. I love you.

It is thanks to you that I am not afraid of my feelings anymore. Six months of happiness. I love you.

After spending six months by your side, I wanted to tell you that I can see a future filled with happiness for us. I love you my love.

I’ve had magical mornings for the past six months. When I open my eyes and look at your cute face, all I can do is smile like an idiot, a loving idiot. I love you sweetheart.

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For the last six months, our love has sometimes driven me crazy and sometimes even made me nauseous, but I don’t want it to stop, because deep down I love that feeling. I love you.

When we first met, I didn’t believe in love anymore. And for the last six months you have taught me to love again. And now I can say : I love you my love!

I’ve been feeling pretty for six months simply because you’ve been looking at me, I live magical moments and I wanted to thank you for that. I love you.

I didn’t know I could love like that. Together we will always be happy. That’s a promise. I’ve loved you for six months and it’s not going to stop anytime soon.

Thank you for having been you for the past six months, for having been tender, for having been sweet, for taking such good care of me, for having allowed me to love you.

I hope that after six months of happiness, you realize how much you are essential for me. I love you for everything!

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