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7 things to do to show someone you love him/her

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7 things to do to show someone you love him/her

So you love him/her and that’s awesome, but now it’s time to show it, so if you’re at a loss and feel like the fifth “I love you” of the day just won’t cut it, take a look at our 7 things to do to show someone you love him/her… It’s easier than it sounds!

7 things to do to show someone you love him/her

1/ Be grateful and appreciative

Maybe one of the most difficult things to do when a couple has been together for a long time. Little by little you get used to a lot of things and take them for granted. Your sweetheart cooks you yummy meals, you take out the trash, he/she washes the bathroom? Adding “thank you” to your couple goes a long way! Life is better when small gestures don’t go ignored!

2/ Grant yourselves some alone time

A bit of distance once in a while will allow you to catch your breath. Having fun on your own is not a crime, especially if you know the activity wouldn’t suit your partner. And you’ll enjoy seeing each other afterwards all the more!

Yet often, even if one or both in the couple feels that way, this need will seldom be expressed. For fear of being answered with something on the line of “you don’t love me anymore, don’t you want us to spend some time together?”. But that just isn’t true! Do both you and your sweetheart a favor and have some alone time!

3/ Do him/her favors

No not any favor. Offer to regularly do a chore he/she particularly hates. Maybe it’s cleaning the shower drain, taking out the trash, putting the laundry up to dry or walking the dog in the middle of the polar vortex… In short, step into his/her shoes and ask for nothing in return, and you are sure to be appreciated for it. And you will no doubt be rewarded in one way or another.

4/ Forget about your phone when you’re together

Nothing is worse when you’re spending time with your sweetheart than realizing he/she isn’t with you at all, for the simple reason that he/she has eyes only for his/her smartphone… The 21st century couples’ worst enemy! So nicely ask her to quit geeking around and of course, be sure to be reproachless yourself!

If you used to be the kind of person who couldn’t bear being off Whatsapp, Snapchat, Messenger, Insta or any other app for more tahn 5 minutes at a time, you partner will truly appreciate your efforts! Don’t your batteries deserve a nice holiday?

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5/ Fight, but fight well

Fights are unavoidable when you’re in a couple. You’ll get there eventually if such is not the case already. No use in trying to avoid them forever. However, it can be a very good idea to fight “well”.

The art of fighting is of course difficult to master. But you can start by following some simple advice : no insults, no low blows, no bringing up past events that have nothing to do with today’s issue, no forcing of a third person to take sides etc… If you fight a healthy fight, your reconciliation will never be very far!

6/ Learn how to listen when he/she complains

Did snookums have a rough day? He/she will often feel the need to express it. And your being there in such moments will greatly be appreciated. Even when you have something better to do. Switch to active listening mode, and try to comfort your partner. And he/she will more likely return the favor the day the roles are reversed!

7/ Try to keep a flexible schedule

Maybe you can try to coordinate it in order to spend more time with you sweetheart. What I’m about to say will seem very commonplace, but it could be a good idea to share meals together or go to bed at the same time etc… Who doesn’t love to cuddle before falling asleep?

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