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7 questions to ask your boyfriend to get to know him better

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7 questions to ask your boyfriend to get to know him better

Today, we have the 7 questions you can ask your boyfriend in order to get to know him better! Often, after a few years, or even a few months, we think we know our partner by heart! When the fact is that we always have something new to learn about him! And the same goes for him about you… I mean, a lifetime already isn’t enough to get to know yourself, not to mention somebody else… Most of these questions, while seemingly superficial, will in fact allow you to discover the key elements of his character and behavior, which might well surprise you!! Here is the 7 questions to ask your boyfriend to get to know him better

7 questions to ask your boyfriend to get to know him better

What is his version of the story of how you met?

We all experience things differently! Even if you lived the same thing at the same moment in the same place, his perception of it can drastically diverge from yours! So ask him to describe the way you met from his point of view. His sensations, his feelings, his opinion etc… Maybe you will rediscover a whole new side of how it all began!

What is his conception of a perfect day?

Ask your sweetheart how his ideal day would go! You could be surprised! It is such an open question… Wether he wants to spend the day on the couch watching TV series, or hiking up a mountain a thousand leagues away from civilisation, or at the beach under the flamboyant sun… You could learn a lot! What’s more, granted his perfect day is fairly realistic, you could surprise him a few weeks later by actually organizing it! He will be thrilled! 😉

What is he the most proud about?

Most people don’t spontaneously step into the spotlights. Force your sweetheart to do so! Both to boost his ego and to see how much his conception of pride can be different from yours. It could be a recent (or not) sporting achievement, or simply having one day helped an elderly cross the road, or maybe taking part in community service to help the homeless etc… You have the opportunity to learn more about him and his strong and/or courageous and/or generous side.

Would he want to know where his future lies?

Or would he rather ignore what could happen? And if he did want to know, what would he specifically ask first? An ideal question to pinpoint his priorities, his desires, his dreams and/or his apprehensions! Will he be interested in the fate of the world? Of your couple? Of his family? Or maybe only in his?

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What does he like most about you?

Your sweetheart probably compliments you regularly, but do you know the reason why he loves you? Dare to ask him what he likes most about you and open up your ears! Then it’s your turn, tell him what attracts you the most about him, I mean you don’t expect to be the only one getting compliments… do you? He too is entitled to know what you enjoy most about him 😉

What is his biggest regret?

Or what he feels the most guilty about… Very often people don’t like talking about these things, which is why you probably don’t know the answer to this question! The time has come for you to find out what keeps him up at night. Obviously, if you feel the subject is too touchy, or that a wound hasn’t healed, don’t push for an answer at all cost! Some things take more time than others…

What worries him the most?

Ask him! What could it be? His career? His parents’ health? The fear of losing you? His finances? You could be surprised at the turn your conversation will take! Discovering the other’s most secret and intimate fears will allow you to better understand some of his reactions, and to communicate with him more easily in the future.

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