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7 conversation topics that couples should have everyday

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7 conversation topics that couples should have everyday

Read below to find out about the 7 conversation topics that couples should have everyday!

Are you sick of always hearing the same “how was your day?”. Although it is important to show interest in your partner to show him that you love him and care about him, it is also important to address other subjects in greater depth with him/her. So here are our 7 conversation topics that a couple should have everyday!

7 conversation topics that couple should have everyday

Jane Greer is a relationship therapist. She explains it is important to focus on your partner’s mood and energy level when he/she comes home. She also adds : “Your partner will really appreciate this, and it will help you feel more intimate, communicate better, and connect on an emotional level.”

Plans and goals

By talking about your plans and new goals to your sweetheart, you are sending the implicite message that you are an independant person who leads his/her own life and makes his/her dreams come true in order to become a better version of him/herself and to live life in full bloom (with or without your partner)! It is by doing what you love, by making new plans or by setting new goals for yourself that you can inspire your partner to do the same in his/her life! By talking about new plans with your sweetheart, you will be more enthusiastic and your conversations will be more energetic and emotional!

What you are grateful to him/her for

It is important to frequently feel grateful in life! It allows us to fully live in the present, to feel happy and thankful for all the gifts life gave us and to have more energy in our bodies! If you aren’t a regular when it comes to gratefulness : once a week, listen to some music, close your eyes and think back on everything life gave you during the past week, year or even during your entire lifetime! Also think about the new plans you would like to set in motion in your life and how you would feel going through with them and seeing them accomplished!  You can also do that with your partner while snuggling under the covers, during lazy mornings, during a walk in the woods, around a cup of coffee… Tell your sweetheart what you like about her (him), what you want to thank her (him) for, why you are grateful for being by her (his) side! Thanks to gratitude, your relationship as a couple will strengthen and come out reinforced! You will be happier, more energetic and you will personally grow as an individual! You can also have fun telling compliments to each other, what you like about one another : such moments are always filled with love and emotion!

Memories of good times

By remembering with your partner good times spent together, the fits of laughter, the magical moments of tenderness and emotion, you rekindle the flame of your couple! When you remember together a common memory that was magical and emotional, you not only think about it but relive it mentally and emotionally. Your brain indeed plunges you back into that memory as if you were there : you hear the music all over again, you can feel the heat of the candles, the scent of your sweetheart, you see his/her gaze and feel his/her touch. By bringing back old happy memories, you reinforce the bond between you and you are sure to begin a happy and loving conversation!

Your little and big worries

By talking about your daily difficulties with your sweetheart, you reveal your frailties, which can only show that you are being yourself around him/her, that you trust him/her and that you can talk to him/her with an open heart! It is important to verbalize what is unspoken within a couple and to express your feelings to your partner in order to avoid fights, incomprehension or frustration!

Note however two things : first, your partner doesn’t deal with his/her problems in the same way you do, and so he/she could give you advice you have no use for. Men and women are indeed often very different, especially when it comes to problem solving.

Secondly, know when to stop, it can’t be every day…! It’s easy to let go and to talk about your problems every evening when you come back from work, to criticize Gillian who’s always judgemental about your project during coffee breaks, but it is more difficult (though healthier and sometimes more respectful towards your partner) to control your emotions and to screen your brain for what’s important and what’s not (for yourself, your partner our even for the welfare of your couple… or even for your date night). Your partner is neither a psychologist nor a mean of evacuating your stress! Try a first round of sorting on your way back home, think emotion control and allow yourself to come home in a state of gratefulness, positive energy and good mood… for better mutual appreciation of your date night dinner.

Your health

By talking about your health with your partner (which we hope is good by the way!), you show that you can trust him/her, that you can talk about everything without holding back on difficult subjects and that you want to reassure him/her and fight to get better! Together you are stronger! And, if the love of your life is sick, together you can face anything and move mountains! Your couple will turn out stronger and more united!

A common future and projects together

Around hot cocoa or a nice tea, talk together about your common projects, your dreams and what you would like to live together when you grow older! Wether it is a new house, a trip, a new pet kitten or puppy, a baby, a new exhibition, a new artistic, sporty or unusual activity for the two of you, new challenges or new centers of interest, you will both be in a good dynamic of change and will move forwards in life together and with enthusiasm! Know that you are never too old to make plans and to be excited by life! Even if you are a senior and that your physical capabilities tend to diminish, life is rich in new experiences and in new plans! By doing things together, you reinforce the love bond of your relationship and by planning them together, you will both be carried by a project that will bring you much daily joy and enthusiasm! Even just talking about your common wishes will rekindle desire and energy!

Your desires in bed

Tell your sweetheart about what liked in bed lately and what you would like to try next time! A blooming sex drive and the need of feeling desired is important within a couple to be happy in the long run! If you feel the temperature rising a little, you can also confess a few of your secret fantasies… Even if you think some of them are unspeakable… Your lover, who will want nothing more than to make you happy, might gladly take on this new and intriguing adventure and as it turns out might want the both of you to feel new sensations as well! Talking about naughty stuff allows you to tighten the bonds of your intimate relationship and to spice up your romantic dinners…!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and that you got new ideas to give your after work dinners an intimate touch and be more connected in your conversations as a couple!

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