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5 self destructive behaviors in relationships that you must absolutely avoid

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5 self destructive behaviors in relationships that you must absolutely avoid

Because destroying is unfortunately easier than building, and that a couple is no exception to the rule, here are 5 self destructive behaviors that you must absolutely avoid in a relationship!

5 self destructive behaviors in relationships that you must absolutely avoid :

1/ Only concentrate on the bad things

FYI, in a couple as in life, there will always be things you’re not entirely OK with. But try not to focus solely on those (of course don’t let important stuff slide either!). If you’re never positive, never enjoy what you already have, and only notice what’s missing, there is little chance for your couple to last! So rejoice in what your partner brings to your couple rather than eying every single flaw!

2/ Take everything personally

If you constantly consider that when your partner cracks a joke, he’s in fact making fun of and disrespecting you, you’re tensing yourself up unnecessarily… Taking it all personally will make it harder for your couple to survive! So rather than seeing evil in every one of his deeds, try to talk together about these situations and confront them to reality… Maybe you’ll realize you’re a little bit too sensitive and easily flare up!

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3/ Place you relationship last on your list of priorities

No, a relationship doesn’t necessarily come first. Especially if you’re both students or both want high end careers. But when you start putting all your friends and all your relatives and all your hobbies before your couple… maybe you can make a bit of an effort! Yes, having a life outside of your couple is healthy. And considering your partner isn’t important or worth the time and attention is not.

4/ Close up and let a situation grow worse

Our number one was about concentrating on what works, but that doesn’t mean you must ignore what doesn’t and hope it will magically go away! Silence is rarely the way to go in a couple. Don’t ignore your problems and hope they’ll disappear, that’s the best way for them to have them smack you back in the face one day… So communicate! About all that works and all that doesn’t.

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5/ Drag a third party into your love life

One of the worst mistakes ever! Especially during a fight. Wether it’s a friend, a brother, a sister, a parent etc… They may be of excellent advice, and you may be right to listen to them, but you should never let them interfere (except of course, obviously, if anything dangerous/abusive/illegal happens) in your love life! That would be the surest way of making the fight worse and going from small tension to point of no return. Because it will no longer be about reaching compromise, but about winning the fight in front of a witness!

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