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22 things guys like to hear from their girlfriends

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22 things guys like to hear from their girlfriends

Many articles exist on the art of complimenting a woman, but it’s less true when it comes to men, so we came up with a list of 22 things guys like to hear from their girfriends… Because men like to be complimented too! Look at how many songs are named after a woman! I dare you to name just three about a guy! Anywho, read on to discover our selection :

22 things guys like to hear from their girlfriends

1/ Guys like to hear from their girlfriends that they believe in them

Probably the most important thing a man likes to hear! I don’t know of a single dude who doesn’t enjoy being told “I believe in you”/”I trust you” and the like… Have no doubt that when a man hears that from a woman, it gives him the confidence to move mountains!

Here are different ways of telling him :

Of course you’ll get this job/promotion, you are talented, you work hard, and it shows. I am proud of you! 

Whatever you may think, I know you’re going to make it, you always do! 

You have already accomplished so much in life, I’m certain you can only go further and make so many more things happen! 

2/ Guys like to hear that you like their appearance

OK so society puts a lot less presure on us than it does on women concerning physical appearance… However, men will gladly take compliments about their physique! And he doesn’t need to be a god for you to compliment him 😉

You can try one of these :

You’re so handsome. 

Wow, you weren’t kidding when you told me you worked out! The results already show! 

You’re so hot in that suit! 

You’re so beautiful when you laugh… 

Even bed hair makes you sexy! 

3/ Guys like to hear from their girlfriends that they appreciate their value

Everyone likes being valued for the efforts they make. And men are no exception! Show him that you notice and appreciate what he does for you, even when it comes to small everyday gestures! No need to overdo it, a few words here and there can make all the difference.

Why not :

Thanks a lot for cooking tonight, I really appreciate that, and it’s delicious! 

I love the way you’re ever the gentleman. 

I’ve noticed you washed the dishes, that’s so sweet, I’m very touched. Thanks for being so kind and caring. 

I loved watching you have fun with the kids this afternoon, it was really adorable. Seeing your complicity makes me smile. 

4/ Guys like to hear that you respect them

Respect is the pillar of every relationship, I can never say that enough 😉 So show your man that you respect him as much as he respects you!

For example :

I’m so proud of you. 

I have so much respect for you. 

You become better and better every day, and I love that! 

It must have taken a lot of courage to admit your mistakes, I truly admire the fact that you did, and I know it’s never easy. 

I like the fact that you care about others and their needs a lot, it makes you strangely attractive! 

5/ Guys like to hear that you are attracted to them

Show him you don’t just find him “meh”! Without going completely out of your way, hint that you are attracted to him. Show him he does something for you and provokes amorous emotions! Ideal to keep the spark alive within your couple…

You can start with :

You always manage to make me smile, even when things are glum. 

I can’t help blushing when you look at me like that.  

Your eyes are so captivating I could get lost in them forever! 

Never had anyone before you managed to put me in such a state!! 

I love being in your arms so much, I feel so good and safe… 

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