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The best compliments for a woman

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The best compliments for a woman

Compliments are enjoyable, and allow us to take a break from routine to express our love… Women, but also men, need them. It is one of the five languages of love. Careful though, compliments must be sincere, out of the ordinary and come from the heart. Imitating catcallers from the subway is not the way to go 😉 Read on for some of our best!

The best compliments for a woman

Compliments about physical appearance :

Your beauty is so great it dazzles me!

Your skin is so soft, it’s like touching silk…

You really don’t need any make up honey (Sure?)

Your lips taste like apricots, they make me hungry… I love it when mine meet the fleshy fullness of yours.

You always smell so good, even in the morning, it’s crazy! (Really?)

You always have cute rosy cheeks, like two little candy apples I want to gobble up.

The most beautiful language in the world is the one used by your eyes to say “I love you”

You have the most beautiful and sensual body I have ever seen!

I fall for you every time you smile!

Every morning in bed, as I breath in your toasty smell, it just makes me want to eat you all up 🙂

Compliments about style

Whatever you throw on in the morning, everything suits you… A garbage bag would still make you look pretty!

I love your confident walk.

You’re stealing the spotlight once again tonight.

I love the small ribbons you attached in your hair.

There are many pretty women here tonight, but only one of them has presence and charm.

Compliments about personality

I admire your way of always fighting to the end.

I never get bored with you.

You make me laugh.

You inspire me.

I could never replace you.

You’ve painted my life over with colors yet unknown!

You brighten up my gloomy sundays 🙂

You are a thousand times more original than a unicorn, I’m so lucky 🙂

You’re my champagne, you put bubbles in my life.

Compliments borrowed in movies

(And yes, you got me, I’m a fan of French films)

Nice eyes ya got there. Le Quai des Brumes

 I like your hair, I like your eyebrows… I like your small intestine, I even like it when you stand me up! 99 Francs

 Honestly, I never knew I could feel like this. I swear I’m going out of my mind. I wanna throw myself off every building in New York. I see a cab and I wanna dive in front of it because then I’ll stop thinking about you. –Hitch

 [playing some music] Iris, if you were a melody…I used only the good notes. -The Holiday

The only time I’m not cold is when I think about you   – Pearl Harbor

I could die right now. I’m just…happy. I’ve never felt that before. I’m just exactly where I want to be.  – Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

How could I have guessed your body had been made to perfectly match mine?  – Hiroshima mon amour

Compliments by poets and writers

(Yep, I bet you will spot the French pattern… but you got to admit, they are amongst the most romantic out there!)

Everybody dreams, but you are beyond a dream. Victor Hugo

Never have I felt so  good, so close to utter happiness, everything starts and ends with you, you! You! You!!!! Edith Piaf

The day your gaze met my gaze, a ray went from your heart to mine, like dawn over a ruin. Victor Hugo

Keep me in a small secret corner of your heart, and visit it on your sad days to find comfort or encouragement. George Sand

The curve of your eyes goes all around my heart. Paul Éluard

Your whole person is so good, so fair, so soft to breath in! Baudelaire

You are the step I take to say yes to the world.  Paul Éluard

You cannot prevent my mind to wander around your arms, your beautiful hands, your eyes so full of life, your adorable carnal person, no I know you can’t ; but fear not, to me you are a religious object and I cannot defile you ; I will keep seeing you as radiant as ever. Baudelaire

And my life for your eyes, slowly drinks the poison. Guillaume Apollinaire

I’m so attracted to you that on the rare days you aren’t pretty, I think you’re beautiful. Sacha Guitry

  And I love you with such a delicious shiver that everytime I picture your smile, your voice, your tenderly mocking gaze… it seems that, were I never to see you again in the flesh, your ghost would, in my brain, accompany me always. Guillaume Apollinaire 

So deep are your eyes, I lost my mind in them. Louis Aragon

If one day I die and you open my heart.
It will be written in golden letters : I love you still. William Shakespeare

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