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20 Empowering and Inspirational Quotes About Breaking Up and Moving On

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20 Empowering and Inspirational Quotes About Breaking Up and Moving On

Breaking up and moving on is never easy, so if you want to reboost your morale, take a look at our 20 empowering and inspirational quotes about breaking up and moving on  !

20 Empowering and Inspirational Quotes About Breaking Up and Moving On :

The breakup is done, love has flown : farewell!

The day will come when you realize that turning the page was the best decision, and that a few more words would have brought nothing to the chapter.

A breakup is like a broken mirror. Better to leave it broken than to cut yourself trying to repair it.

Deceptions of friendship are healed with indifference ; deceptions of love you’ll just have to forget.

You rarely break up on good terms, because if you had been on good terms, you wouldn’t have broken up.

A heart possesses two doors : a way in, and a way out.

Lovers look for good reasons to break up and find them easilly in their mutual imperfections, even in those that made them fall in love in the first place.

If meeting someone comes by chance, breaking up always fits a purpose.

Better to let someone go than to let him destroy you.

Don’t leave because something went wrong. Leave because you’ve tried everything and nothing got better.

If you want to try something new, you must first understand what you felt and why you don’t feel it anymore.

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Often in life the worst people teach you the most valuable lessons.

It’s sometimes harder to break up once love is gone.

One less illusion is one more truth.

The good thing about breakups is that you become yourself again.

A breakup is always painful but at least it helps save what matters : keep the other’s esteem, prevent exasperation, rekindle your desire for the world.

Just change one letter and you go from loving to losing. Often it’s a breakup letter.

When it comes to love, only conquering and breaking up are interesting ; the rest is just like filling in the blanks.

Say what you want about breaking up, it may free you, but it also has a ripping effect, at least on routine.

You can’t prevent yourself from suffering. Happiness happens and you think it’s forever. And one day you realize suffering and happiness are interchangeable.

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