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10 Things guys don’t like in a woman

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10 Things guys don’t like in a woman

I questioned about a hundred young men, relatives, friends and especially strangers in order to pinpoint 10 things guys don’t like in a woman, wether physically or regarding their character. So grab your pens, ladies! You’re going to want to write some of those down.

10 Things guys don’t like in a woman



Many men appear to be put off by lipstick when it’s “too much”. By that I mean brutal colors, such as black or Barbie pink for example. However, carmine red, prune or pastel seem to get thumbs up. I was surprised, but these men (most of them) had a total aversion for gloss. One of them told me :

“I don’t understand why women keep wanting to make their lips shine. I prefer basic lipstick to that viscous substance. It doesn’t make me want to kiss my partner when she has that on her lips. Firstly I’m afraid of getting some on mine, and secondly she spreads some right back on afterwards.” Jerry, 29.

Also, lip crayon seems to be appreciated by those into hard rock (and probably others whom I didn’t ask). But according to a vast majority of answers I got, lip crayon, when visible, is associated with a great vulgarity. The more so when it’s permanent.

I think you got the idea : lipstick yes, as long as it’s discreet, tasteful and elegant.

Flashy nail polish

A total surprise to me. I must admit my fingers look more like sausages than like those of a fairy, and so I seldom wear nail polish. I am however jealous of women with long delicate fingers and bright red nails. Bitten nails such as mine obviously put men off, and that’s normal. What was new to me was that colorful nail polish was the same.

“I prefer women with impeccable nails, but without color. Why not a french manicure as you call it, or a transparent polish, or something very discreet. I can’t stand all these women who use blue, black, green. It’s like they want their clothes assorted to their nails, it’s a bit ridiculous and lacks glamor. It’s vulgar at the most.”
Jim, 26.

“Red polish disturbs me less than the others because it’s a classic. But for me, any other color is a no no. That’s my opinion anyway.”
Peter, 33.

Padded bras

I know, a classic. Who doesn’t like showing off a generous breast in a playful cleavage? Who doesn’t like to cheat just a little, just to catch the eye? Yes but… men seem, once again, to prefer what’s natural.  I have two reasons that came up several times, for why men don’t appreciate the pad :

“Sure, wanting to have bigger boobs is great and all. I’m not going to lie, personally, I like big boobs. But when I get to bed and undress a girl, I’m often disappointed, believe me.” Alex, 31.

“Small boobs are my thing, I can’t help it. And beyond that, I think nothing is more elegant than a pretty woman, thin, wearing a skinny T-shirt and no bra. OK, I know it might not be the best thing to wear in the street. But a least a bra without padding or underwiring. Natural rules!” Anton, 25.

Self tanner

Men say yes to a light healthy tan. Men say no to a Donald Trump orange. So, easy on the UV, and forget the stain inducing self tanners altogether. Unless you want men to run away!

Gas attack perfume

Too much perfume is a definite no. Why abuse it when just a drop can be so bewitching! Too strong perfumes have even been called “foul” (their words, not mine!). So put perfume on in the morning and then leave it at home. No recharge every hour! Got it?

What we learn from all of the above : men like delicate and feminine women and are put off by vulgar overpainted ones.

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 Character wise


Apparently men agree that it’s the worst thing you can find in a woman. A woman who’s always on their back and who goes nuclear when they so much as look in an other woman’s direction… nope, they don’t want/can’t stand that anymore.

“I don’t know if I’m just unlucky but I always get jealous girls. All women are jealous, right?” Jerome, 27.

Not being open to the world

Men like curious women (in a good way). A woman who wants to understand the world, who has a thirst for knowledge, words and wit. Being interested in what’s around you is important. Plus it will give you the opportunity of having great and varied conversations together!

“My last girlfriend changed the channel whenever the news came up and watched stupid shows such as The Proposal. It was exasperating. And she wasn’t even stupid, I mean I think. But it made her look like she was. I think that was the main reason for our breakup. I couldn’t stand her lack of intellectual stimulation!”  Matt, 22.


After jealousy, possessiveness is what scares men the most. Nothing makes them run faster than a woman who constantly wants to be with them, who has no emotional autonomy and who is overly exclusive. Men work differently, no news scoop there. And if the feminine vision of the couple is often based on fusion, men need more freedom and independence.

Being sooo annoying

Women who complain all the time, who nag for no reason and who look down on everybody won’t easily be desirable. And I kind of get that. I’m a little annoying myself. If you are a (teeny-weeny) bit of a princess, why not. But don’t be a pain all day long, that’s just not going to work!


Criticizing the girl next to you will only lose you some points. Yeah, you know, the one with the skinny leggings and short T-shirt. And who actually looks good.

“I hate girls who criticize the others. It’s like they don’t have anything else to do with their time. Why waste so much energy on someone they don’t even know!?” William, 22.

Of course, we know why we like to criticize so much. It’s reassuring, we want to be better than the others. Simply because, most of the time, we don’t agree 100% with the image looking back at us in the mirror. Unfortunately, our mind sometimes acts worse than a distorting mirror! So regain your self confidence, learn to accept yourself, because the more you love yourself, the less you criticize. You’ll earn points by complimenting others rather than attacking them. And if really you don’t like her, just zip it.

The second thing that kept coming up : men can’t stand women who criticize them (even if it’s constructive) in public. They feel vexed and belittled. Try to make him feel confident, and go easy on public reproaches, even if it’s difficult!

Other little things have been talked about, such as the lack of conversation, sulking or women who are very/too close to their mothers. But they didn’t come up often.

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