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What men like in bed : 8 things men want you to do in bed

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What men like in bed : 8 things men want you to do in bed

Maybe you know what your man doesn’t want, but let’s take a look at what men like, and more specifically at 8 things you can do not in everyday life, but in bed! Here are little “secrets” to turn him on like crazy during your sexy times.

What men like in bed #1 Your investment

Without contest what they like the most. Starfish belong in the ocean, not in their bed. So move a little, don’t be lazy. Your sweetheart loves to see you as turned on as he is, to feel your hips move beneath him, above him, in front of him. By the way, that’s why men enjoy hearing us cry out in pleasure or even just moan. Because they believe the more noisy we are, the more pleasurable the experience is for us. And even if that’s not always true (I mean, a lot of women experience pleasure and remain quiet), it always does something for them.

What men like in bed #2 Your mouth (not on his) :p

I won’t teach you anything by stating that men enjoy that kind of thing very very much (I think you got what I meant, no need to play Pictionary). I’m not saying do it everyday. But once in a while, for your sweetheart, won’t kill you! Of course, if such a thing disgusts you, it’s pointless to force yourself. Your partner would notice and wouldn’t enjoy it either. But if he feels you enjoy it as well, the heat is sure to rise!

What men like in bed #3 Being dominated

Fair warning, all men don’t actually enjoy being dominated, but a lot of them are very pleased when their partners get on top and take the lead. Because yes, taking the lead reveals that you want him and shows your desire to make love. Don’t always let him be the one to start, the one in control. Know how to show him your lust. For example, you are both lying in bed watching a movie. You give him a long, tender kiss, climb onto him and lower your hand until it meets his favored tool. He will be insanely turned on, and the more so because you have started it.

What men like in bed #4 Hearing/seeing their partner enjoying herself

Way too many women hide their pleasure, control themselves, forget to let go for fear of seeming crude or simply because they feel ashamed. If you go “meow” or “ribbit” when you are coming, or if you make an unbelievably funny face, so be it! It’s your way of demonstrating your pleasure, and that’s all that counts for you and for your partner. What a pleasure for your sweetheart to see how good it is for you! You probably don’t realize it to its full extent, but men are so happy to give such sensations all thanks to their greatest pride… their thing. So let go and show him how good he is for you.

What men like in bed #5 Stockings and garters

Oh my, men and stockings… such a Love story! And when the stockings and garters are a set… there’s no stopping them. If your couple has kind of come to a standstill in the bedroom area, there’s nothing better to spice things up and get the machine rolling again! Black stockings and heels are enough to drive any man crazy.

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What men like in bed #6 Giving pleasure

Many men like to procure pleasure. To give rather than receive. You might think “all the better”, or you might have a hard time accepting it. Communication is your ally, you must know your lover’s desires just like he needs to know yours.

What men like in bed #7 Caresses

Well, they especially like testicular caresses (not sure that’s a word!). It’s a part of their anatomy women often overlook when it’s in fact soo important to men. Slide your hand on that part and he will be turned on within the minute. You can caresse delicately or squeeze ever so gently that part of his body.

What men like in bed #8 After

Just like women, some men need to feel loved after the act. Cuddles, gentle words, tenderness. Others like falling asleep right afterwards. Because, you see, it was a tough job and they are exhausted.

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