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Short love messages for him : 10 inspirational love messages for him

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Short love messages for him : 10 inspirational love messages for him

You want your sweetheart to witness your love but you can’t find the words to tell him, so how about discovering our 10 ideas for short love messages for him !

Short love messages for him : 10 inspirational love messages for him

Hello honey! I’m taking advantage of my lunch break to tell you I love you… <3 I love our couple and the way we move forward together <3 You are my love and my best friend <3 I will do anything for our love to always be as beautiful and exhilarating as it is now! <3 With all my love, your sweetheart who loves you <3

Hey love! I was listening to the music we heard last time we went out and I couldn’t help but relive our wonderful date in my mind… <3 I love you sweetheart <3

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Hey honey! Hahaha On the subway I was thinking about our fit of laughter earlier, and I started giggling all by myself like a total retard! I think the commuters wondered  who the crazy woman was…! Anywho, as you can see I’m thinking about you…! <3

Hello love of my life! I can’t stop thinking about you… <3 You are so rooted in my mind it’s giving me goosebumps and I can’t concentrate at work…! I wanna take the day off and meet you at your place to jump into your arms and kiss you all day long!

I hope you’ve had an awesome evening with your buddies! I’m lying in bed breathing in your sweater and thinking about you and all the naughty things we do…! <3

My dear Sir, I believe you have forgotten to deliver a love kiss this morning 🙂 You should know that such professional incompetence can cost you dearly…! 😀 <3 My offer is to settle such dire a matter in private tonight…! <3

Hello Honey! I forgot to tell you how handsome you were today! I’m out of carrier pigeons, so I’m sending you this little text to let you know instead! I wish you a very beautiful day my love!

I loved the look on your face this morning as we were making love… <3 I miss your warming arms… and I think even my big coat is no match with you!

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Brrr! It’s freezing outside! I miss your hugs! Even my big coat is no match with your arms! Excellent quality my ass! Which says hi by the way!

I’m so happy my love that I can’t stop smiling in the street! I’m afraid people are wondering wether I escaped from the nut house! Anywho, your crazy lover who misses you! <3

We hope these fun love messages made you smile, that you found what you were looking for, that they gave you ideas or reminded you of good times!

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