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10 romantic ideas for your anniversary celebration

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10 romantic ideas for your anniversary celebration

You have now been together for a whole year, or maybe even more : congratulations, it’s a milestone event worth celebrating and you will not be content with a normal evening like any other, so here are 10 romantic ideas for your anniversary celebration! Discover our list of fun and budget friendly activities you can do as a couple!

10 romantic ideas for your anniversary celebration

1/ Immerse yourselves in culture

Spend your day/evening at the theatre, go see a dance show or go to the opera house! Dress up smart and bring a little class into your daily lives!

2/ Relationship : Origins

Whether it was on the coast, in a park or at a bar, go back to where it all began between the two of you!

3/ Find a nice place

Book a room in a nice hotel downtown, or in a countryside bed and breakfast with plenty of character! It doesn’t have to be far to transport you away from your daily routine!

If you live in a cosmopolitan city, you can also think unusual restaurant.

4/ Netflix & Chill

Are you the kind of couple that doesn’t spend a lot of time together because of your jobs? Be smart, be simple! A comfortable sofa, a nice bottle of wine, and shows you both enjoy : all you have to do now is spend the rest of the evening (night?) in each other’s arms!

5/ Go on an adventure

Are you the adventurous type, thriving on the unexpected? Time for a road trip with neither prep nor map, and allow yourselves to be surprised! Choose a city, a state, an activity or a place to visit : go there and figure out the rest later!

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6/ Cocooning

Both go to a spa! Nothing beats a long relaxing day at the spa, or a couple’s massage to get you back on track!

7/ Go to your favorite band’s concert

It doesn’t matter if the concert isn’t on the exact date, what’s important is having the tickets! (Re)Discover the joys of going to your favorite artist/band’s concert with your sweetheart!

8/ Go wild at the amusement park

Be the kids you once were and spend the day at the amusement park of your choice! You’re bound to find one that suits your tastes, so no excuse! You can also replace amusement park with casino, if you’re legal and ready to gamble!

9/ Hop on deck

Go for a mini-cruise on a river, canal, sea or even the ocean! Treat yourselves to a romantic dinner cruise on the Hudson or experience the charm of a sunset/sunrise on a rented sailboat… Whatever you choose, having a peaceful time surrounded by water is priceless.

10/ Take classes together

Dancing, wine tasting, cooking or any other activity! The important part is both wanting to learn together… And why not discover some hidden passion and take it all year round!

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