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What to do for our 1 year anniversary : 7 romantic and unique things to do on your anniversary

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What to do for our 1 year anniversary : 7 romantic and unique things to do on your anniversary

If you are wondering what to do for your 1 year anniversary, keep on reading and discover our 7 romantic and unique ideas! 1 year! Just think about it : that’s 12 months, 365 days, 88,760 hours, 525,600 minutes of you and your other half being together… And happily I hope! But as the fateful date approaches, a question often comes up… What to do for our 1 year anniversary as a couple?! Today, Love Stories gives you a few ideas to celebrate the beginning of a relationship as it should be, and hopes it will last a many more years!!

What to do for our 1 year anniversary #1 : Organize a treasure hunt for your partner

Who has never wanted or dreamed of participating in a treasure hunt? This is a perfect opportunity for having fun! Wether it’s indoors, outside or a mix of both, the internet offers many ideas for themes and organizing tips. You can sprinkle your sweetheart’s path with small gifts associated to the clues leading to yet more gifts. The end of the trail can take her to the place where you two had your first date, for example. Or any other place you both hold dear in your hearts for a reason or another!

What to do for our 1 year anniversary #2 : Give her a beautiful photo album retracing your love story

Get as many pictures showing you both together or separately as you can. Find any excuse to gather a sufficiently large number, and then it’s sorting time! You can choose to keep the best, the cutest, the funniest, the worst, the most ridiculous, the most romantic etc… The theme of the album? Your couple through the months of course! After that, the organization is up to you! Thematically? Chronologically? Whatever you choose, you can be sure your partner will be touched!

What to do for our 1 year anniversary #3 : Treat yourselves to a night in an unusual hotel

Many websites allow you to easily (and for a reasonable price!) find unusual lodging for one night! Boat, yurt, igloo, tree house, tepee etc… You name it! Wether you’re looking for adventure or comfort, just make sure it doesn’t turn into a poisoned gift for your sweetheart if he/she really isn’t into that kind of thing!

What to do for our 1 year anniversary #4 : Go to the top of the Empire State Building

Go for the cliché! It’s your 1 year after all! So wether you’re from New York or ready to take the trip to the city that never sleeps, don’t miss the Empire State Building! Idealy on a beautiful summer evening… I mean, for some reason the panoramic deck has become a romantic hotspot. (Or if you are Tom Cruise or have a Tom Cruise style bank account, go to Paris and propose on the Eiffel Tower!) In any case, and that goes for all the ideas in the list, you can choose to do the organizing together, or to go for more of a surprise event, whatever you feel is most convenient and fun!

What to do for our 1 year anniversary #5 : Give him/her 12 little presents

Absolutely! One gift for each fantastic month spent together! And don’t give me that look, I’m not asking you to bleed yourself out for your partner! Be creative, use your thorough knowledge of your partner. Because your 12 gifts don’t need to be overly expensive nor huge.

Want some examples? Say you have noticed your partner only ever seems to eat the pink and green mentos, well then buy a few packs and gather all the pink and green ones in a pretty pot! Or, you can prepare cute little homemade vouchers such as : *Voucher for a long relaxing massage* or *Voucher for a big hug* etc… Your imagination is the limit!

What to do for our 1 year anniversary #6 : Spend your day at an amusement park

For those of you who enjoy rides, shows and a good thrill, there are all kinds of amusement parks! My personal preference goes to the magical worlds of Disney! Till I was about 5 years old, I thought I was a princess (now I know for a fact I am) 🙂

What to do for our 1 year anniversary #7 : Sleep in a castle for the night

Speeking of princesses… Make the dream come true by spending the night in a castle or other charming bed and breakfast! Okay so in the States, there aren’t any real castles in the european sense of the word, but google “mansion bed and breakfast” and I think you’ll be surprised! Look even harder and you might even find some good deals! Be a prince and princess for the night!

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