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10 messages to tell someone you love them

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10 messages to tell someone you love them

The words I love you are not the easiest to say, so here are our 10 messages to tell someone you love him/her.

10 messages to tell someone you love them

As friends we must be honest and not hide anything from each other. For some time now I’ve wanted to talk to you, to tell you that you took possession of my dreams and that I want to be more than your friend…

We met by accident and for once I thought destiny was my ally. I would have wanted to tell you face to face but I’m scared of not finding the right words, so I’m writing you this text to tell you I love you.

Ever since we’ve been together I’ve been under the impression that the world had changed color. My vision has changed and I have you to thank for that. Let me tell you that you have the key to my heart and that it makes me happy.

I know it hasn’t been very long but I have the feeling of having known you forever. The moments spent together always seem so short to me. Are you available this evening? (That way you can say “I love you” in person) 🙂

My heart misses you ever since you’re gone. I haven’t been able to find the right words when you left on that trip that took you far away from me. I don’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable but your departure brought out feelings for you I had no idea I had.

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Despite the shortness of our few moments together, you conquered my heart for ever.

Men are imperfect but thanks to you I’m gradually becoming the best of them. Let me be the man who will make your days better.

I have never met as wonderful a woman as you, I hadn’t even hoped for you in my craziest dreams.

My heart starts pounding every time I join you, only you can enliven a heart in such a way.

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My princess, each moment far away from you makes me love you even more.

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