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Woman-child meaning and why men like women-child

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Woman-child meaning and why men like women-child

Perhaps you have heard the term woman-child before, without fully understanding it, so let’s take a look at it’s meaning, and at why men like them.

Why are men attracted to a woman-child?

She’s attractive, when she’s reasonable

The woman-child, at a reasonable stage, is nothing other than an adult living in Neverland, yeah you know, like Peter Pan. She enjoys innocence and spontaneousness, but nontheless knows how to take care of herself when needed. Try not to mix everything up though : just because Julia loves pink, still sleeps with her teddy and likes being cocooned doesn’t mean she is incapable of being responsible and of taking on everyday problems.

They see them as a symbol for freedom

They like the woman-child because she represents the highest form of freedom. Infantilization is an escape from all kinds of constraints. Just like a man of 40 who would return to the nightclub he used to favor two decades earlier, the woman-child reminds them of their youth, puts them at ease, gives them appetite for life again. It works like seasoning on a salad, she pours spice as well as tenderness in the heart of man. She’s funny, her dancing is epic, she wears colorful dresses, never has too much makeup on. She awakens the possibility of a second youth in them, or simply offers them the spark of crazyness they have always been waiting for.

It brings out the father figure in them

Without wanting to sound weird or unhealthy, the woman-child allows men to feel both useful and manly. She lets them take the lead, she loves being taken care of, doesn’t decide too much, expects to be encouraged to dream. So men feel invested with a personal mission : “I must take care of her“. And sure thing, a woman-child getting in a couple with a very father-like man will have trouble developing any real sense of responsibility. But if both involved are happy, where’s the problem?

Why can the (woman)-child be repelling?

For a while now, we have been noticing a growing interest for the “doll” look. A simple “makeup doll” seach on youtube gets you to creepy videos (check out “VenusAngelic”). I mean it’s really like human dolls, it’s just weird, looks half woman half natural silicone. Why some go as far as to look like this is beyond me, it’s supernatural! I highly doubt men are fans!

She’s capricious

Just like a three year old baby who cries when mom doesn’t buy her candy, the woman-child can be capricious. Imagine that she spotted a very pretty dress, the other day, just passing in front of a shop… and immediately she would like (demands) that her sweetheart buys it for her. Moreover, she’s often (I haven’t said always!) very financially dependent on her man, who is a kind of daddy-dear-who-buys-me-beauuutiful-barbie-dolls So beware.

She often turns on, and then turns off just as fast

The woman-child likes to be (or to look) young, in her mind AND in her body. She seduces very/too easily, and immediately rejects her preys. She can get wild on the dancefloor, her ass practically in everybody’s face, shakes it like there’s no tomorrow, on the podium (obviously), but if someone gets close and dares lay a hand on said ass (which is now really in everybody’s face), it’s time to ENGAGE DRAMA QUEEN MODE. OK, I just got half naked, but don’t anybody touch me, OK? She likes the idea of being attractive and turning people on, but she doesn’t want a kiss, or worse, a ride home and a private tour of your bedroom.

They feel they are being perverts

The woman-child, the one acting like a kid, is bound to prevent her partner from feeling like a real man (in a “manly” way). Sexually speaking, the man will have to take the first step, walk her through it and that’s not so fun. You like it at the beginning because dominating is fun (isn’t it gentlemen?) but when the other does nothing, really nothing at all, and that the man feels like he’s in the presence of a child, nope. It’s either sick (yeah, because man + kid sounds gross) or anti-fun (personally, I don’t enjoy playing ping pong with a wall).


It’s difficult to correctly define a woman-child. Is it cuteness incarnate? Simpering? Being capricious and dressing it up in a ball of spontaneous joy? Is it a woman who doesn’t know how to do anything and who constantly relies on her boyfriend or an innocent girl full of laughter who knows how to take care of herself? Is it a lolita or a 50 year old woman who hasn’t mentally grown up? I could go on and on with more questions. That is why, eventually, I feel it’s all about balance : a woman-child yes, a woman-doll acting like a real baby (careful, she’ll be sucking her thumb next) starts sounding a little bit too perverted.


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