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The most beautiful I can’t live without you text messages

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The most beautiful I can’t live without you text messages

Here are 15 examples of love text messages to tell someone that you can’t live without him or her in the most beautiful of ways! Wether you’re living a wonderful love story and it’s an occasion to prove the strength of your love with words, or wether you’re trying to win back the person you love after a fight or a recent separation, here are fifteen text ideas to say “I can’t live without you”! So here are the most beautiful I can’t live without you text messages.

I can’t live without you : Texts to show that he/she means the world to you

You know how difficult it is for me to put words on my feelings. Not to mention in writing. But you have to know it’s different with you. That you are special to me. That you are the one who has changed everything, and that I am a new man thanks to you. I would be lost without you.

I could use a metaphor, a poem, a quote. Beautiful words written by others to tell you how I feel. By others whose job it is, who have a gift, a talent, a way with words. And it would be just as sincere. But it wouldn’t be me, it wouldn’t be us, it wouldn’t be our story. Simply store deep within your heart and soul the fact that you are the woman of my dreams and or my life, of my days and of my nights. Know it. Believe it. You gave meaning to my existence.

You burst into my life like a whirlwind. Of smiles, of laughter. Of tenderness, of caresses. Of passion, of fusion. Of impatience, of evidence. I didn’t have to do anything, or to speak a word : life sent me my soulmate. And you haven’t left my heart since. I love you.

There is a very pretty quote that goes : “One day you’ll meet someone who will make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else”. That someone is you. My past is behind, my present lies ahead with you. I wouldn’t even be able to imagine my future if you weren’t going to be part of it. As I follow life’s path, you are the only person I deem ideal for me to walk with.

You are my friend, my secret-keeper, my husband/wife, my love. My shoulder, my support. The father/mother of my children. My landmark, my harbor. My everything. I love you.

When you love someone, you generate fears and dreams. Your own frights and hopes seen to gravitate toward him. That’s how the most beautiful thrusts are born. This bond gives us life, motivates us, carries us, builds us. The only thing that matters is to have someone to hope better for. It is essential to have someone to tremble for. You are that someone. I tremble for you, I want to build for you, without you life is unimaginable. 

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“And then one day you meet someone unexpectedly and a love story is born”. I’ve read and reread that sentence so many times. And from the bottom of my heart, I truly hoped for a little push from destiny, that would help me meet that someone, and start something beautiful. Something obvious and beautiful. And you walked into my life, just as I had hoped. And since then, I have finally felt fulfilled, happy. At my rightful place in the story of my life. 

I can’t live without you text : texts to ask the loved one to come back because you are lost without him/her

I thought time would help me. To forget you, to take a fresh start, to close the book in which we wrote our story. But that proved impossible, for there were way too many blank pages left for me to fill. For us…

Don’t fool yourself, I could live without you, but I don’t want to. It’s not just about a need or the feeling of missing or wanting something. No, it’s a mix of all of that. I need you, like an addiction and I want to be with you. I simply can’t imagine my life without you, come back to me, give us another chance… 

Ever since you left, I can’t breathe anymore, I suffocate. I don’t smile anymore, I wear a mask. I don’t look at people, I just see them passing by. I don’t live, I survive.  My heart won’t be able to keep on beating for long, that far away from yours…

You are the love of my life, I’m lost without you. Come back to me, or you will forever be my eternal regret…

It has always been you, since day one, and it still is. You have remained my ideal. Today I want to dare, yes I believe I will… talk to you as soon as our eyes meet. Seduce you with everything I got. Tell you I’m lost without you. That I can’t live without you. Make you understand that I am your future.

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I have tried, believe me I really have. But life without you has no taste, no smell, no color. It’s sad, gray, monotonous. Come back and bring color back into my life, I don’t want to live in black and white anymore.

Ever since I first saw you, it has been like I can only live through you, waiting for your words, for a sign from you. I live only for us, in the hope that this Us will come. I have decided to wait, to wait for you. In the middle of all these difficulties and doubts, only one thing is certain : I can’t live without you.

So it’s true, this sensation really exists. Feeling lost without the other, alone, without a goal, passive. And now, it’s like I’m only surviving, not living, and I can feel my heartbeats are different now that my heart is beating solely in the hope of your return. “You and I” is stronger than everything, I know so and you know so as well. Together, that’s all.

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